AMW launches ‘New Holland Excel’ tractor

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The brand, ‘New Holland Excel 4710’, extremely suitable, both for the land and the field, was recently introduced to the customers. This model represents a mixture of the power of American technology and the unchanging trust AMW, enjoys among the people. 

A whole group of officers and prominent personalities, including AMW Managing Director Brandon Morris, AMW Director Chaminda Perera and CNH Industrial India Director of the International Sector Ashok Anantharaman participated in this event.

This latest New Holland Excel 4710 tractor, has been especially produced to fulfil the requirements of the modern agricultural needs and those of the field of the construction sectors. This New Holland Excel 4710 tractor has taken agricultural and construction sectors, towards a new dimension. Here, the New Holland Excel 4710, has no competition. The New Holland Excel 4710, has added a high value to the labour of the distinguished members of the farming community who work hard, to develop the agricultural activities of this land. It increases their productivity. AMW has introduced the New Holland Excel 4710 tractor to the progressive and efficient experts of the construction sector. They make a direct and valuable contribution to the development of the country.

The 2W and 4W models of the New Holland tractor make it fit effectively, not only to the land and the field, but also to the work sites as well. This tractor can be easily handled, because of its Simson SJ engine of high fuel efficiency and the PTO system that enables smooth reversibility. Ultra-advanced Synchro Shuttle technology, with 8-speed-forward and backward mobility, makes driving quite easy. That is not all. The Lift O Matic technology, enables easy handling of all subsidiary parts of the tractor by the driver. All these have made New Holland Excel, take prominence over other brands. 

The New Holland tractor has won the trust of the market as the tractor with the lowest maintenance costs. The New Holland tractor has a range of 47 to 90 horsepower. It is available, in terms of your requirement and preference. The pair of headlights, created in the Cat Eye style enables the way ahead to be seen quite clearly in the night. Its aerodynamics is its specialty. This enables it to move forward with power. Its advanced shock-absorbing system and the technique, minimise slipping. 

This New Holland tractor can function, efficiently. The comfortable driving seat is a feature common to all New Holland tractor models. The driving can be done without any difficulty and with inner satisfaction. The mobile phone can be charged. The models have rests for water-bottles. These latest features in the ‘New Holland Excel’ models, can be described as totally new and advanced additions. AMW, is fully confident that, its high fuel efficiency alone will ensure consumer attraction to these models.

AMW Director Chaminda Perera participating in this event stated: “The New Holland Excel model series we introduce will bring about a positive change in the very near future. Besides, all these models are of high performance quality and are low in maintenance costs. This will make a positive contribution to the economic betterment of the farming community and of those in the construction sector. Through this process, it will enhance the total economic activity of the whole land by its positive influence.” 

Speaking further Perera said: “I cordially invite all those in the farming community and in the construction sector to rally round. This tractor will build the whole nation. Place your confidence in the New Holland Excel.