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Fishy politics in Palk Bay

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Indian Prime Minister stakes Domestic politics in Lanka and imminent Parliamentary elections in India have brought into sharp focus the issue of fishing in Palk Bay. The Government in Colombo seems unable to reconcile itself to conceding a role for the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) controlled Northern Provincial Council (NPC) in dealing with India on this issue; only Ministers from Delhi, Colombo and Chennai, Tamil Nadu State and not the NPC have met on this issue. Recently a group of Lankan fishers from the Jaffna Peninsula met with their counterparts from Tamil Nadu, in India to have a discussion on the issue of alleged poaching by Tamil Nadu fishers in the Lankan waters of Palk Bay. The... 

Can time be actually managed?

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It is very unfortunate that the UNHCR resolution and the subsequent activities that the media has been reporting will definitely have an impact to the overall competitiveness of the country. A point that the world forgets to note is that Sri Lanka lost over 200 billion dollars due to the war on tourism, FDI and the cost of managing containing one of the most ruthless terror organisations that the world has seen. But post-2009 Sri Lanka’s rating has increased from 87 to 51, which just indicates the pent-up economic growth that the country unleashed. But now the country will have to manage the ramifications from the development post-Geneva. Public sector – market drive Given that Sri Lanka... 

Opportunities and threats of infrastructure development

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This article is an analysis of the opportunities and threats presented with the development of infrastructure (focusing on roads) and its effects on the SME sector in the country. It is indeed encouraging to witness the rapid development of the road network in the country. This development is cause for more efficient information dissemination in country to every nook and corner which provides for more information being shared more regularly with the consumer. What are the implications of this?  Consumers will be driven in their purchasing behaviour more to do with emotional drive, attractive advertisements and promotions rather than based on need.  Large companies also use popular personalities... 

Clearing the hiring hurdles

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In an increasingly competitive world, people have become a cutting edge factor. Is it just any people or right people? Hiring the right person to the right job is important in order to achieve right results. I would compare hiring to matchmaking.  As much as two people get connected together through matchmaking, recruiting the right people needs committed attention. There are triple matches needed to be fulfilled in ensuring the right hiring to take place. Let’s see what they are with emphasis on the Sri Lankan context. Right hiring As researchers observe, a poor hiring decision can cost as much as five times the employee’s salary. The US Department of Labour estimates that a bad hiring... 

Practical Economist responds, but resorts to tactic of making personal remarks to win the debate

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The debate on potential output of Sri Lanka heats up The reader writing under the penname ‘Practical Economist’ in a response to ‘My View’ last week (available at ) has expressed his pleasure of this writer’s thanking him for entertaining his diverse views on important economic issues facing the country but filled his response with unnecessary personal remarks (available at ). The objective of his response, as he has mentioned right at the beginning, has been to “offer a few additional thoughts”... 

Dangerous defeat in Geneva

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“The passage of the resolution marks a historic moment…” – R. Sampanthan, TNA Leader (‘Tamil National Alliance welcomes UNHRC Resolution’) Having lost the crucial vote in Geneva and opened the door to an international investigation, Sri Lanka is now in new territory. Sri Lankans saw who their real friends were at the UNHRC on Thursday night. Our friends, Pakistan, Cuba, China, Russia — and in a welcome turn around, India, which opposed the intrusive mechanism of an OHCHR led investigation and abstained— did far better for Sri Lanka than the Government of Sri Lanka did for itself and the country. The performance of our friends was infinitely superior to that of our own. Ambassador... 

Rule changes in the offing?

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Proposed rule changes According to reports, changes are being considered including reducing penalties and drop-goals to two points, increasing the conversion to three points, stopping the clock for scrums and an increased policing of the breakdown area with special emphasis on penalising infringements. The Brumbies coach and former Wallaby, Stephen Larkham, is a fan of reducing the points for penalties but has warned against changing the fundamental laws of the game. He believes that changing the points for penalties is a good idea, making it more valuable to score tries. Whilst this may have merit, in my opinion it opens the door for teams to give away a penalty as it will cost them only two... 

Is Lanka combining domestic problem with intl. power struggles like Ukraine?

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It looks like it is complicated and difficult to understand world affairs today. Many say that there are double standards, hypocrisy and hidden agendas in international relations. It is simple to understand the complicated situations if one can go to the basics. What are the basics? They are self-protection and self-interest. Let us try to understand the complicated scenarios objectively by examining the basics. The foreign policy of any super power is based on the defence strategy of that country and then comes trade interests. American foreign policy is based on the defence strategies of America. When defence strategies are considered, they are not based on rules and regulations. Those emerge... 

Geneva 2014: First whispers of an impending storm

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  Since 2004, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been on a remarkable winning streak. In April that year he wrested the Premiership from former Foreign Minister and Chandrika Kumaratunga confidant, Lakshman Kadirgamar, after the newly-constituted United People’s Freedom Alliance led by the SLFP won its first Parliamentary election. He waged a second battle for the SLFP presidential nomination the following year and against all odds, ascended the presidency in November 2005. Against his successful campaign to defeat the LTTE in May 2009, the curse of incumbency stands little chance. Ever since, politically, and electorally, President Rajapaksa has been an unstoppable force – with three... 

“Geneva resolution is against Govt., not Sri Lanka”: Kiriella

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    The Opposition is calling on the Government to restore more democracy, rule of law and media freedom in Sri Lanka in order to reduce the international pressure. United National Party Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella, upon his return from Geneva, emphasises that if the Government takes the above steps, the Opposition will support it to overcome the resolution at the Geneva Human Rights Council. The party bigwig points out that the heavily-discussed resolution is not against Sri Lanka as the present regime claims, but purely against the Rajapaksa Government. “The Government is saying the resolution is to divide the country, but it speaks of a united Sri Lanka. This signifies that... 

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