Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Upcountry Lions Crush CR

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Local rugby The first four games of the Clifford Cup Knock out tournament got underway last week. Kandy eventually pulled through in a high scoring encounter against the Police. Navy as usual blasted their way with a seven try scoring spree and look on course for a double. Havies on the other hand huffed and puffed their way against a do or die Army outfit that was hell bent on giving the Havies a run for their money. They almost succeeded and what saved the Havies was the introduction of their seniors in the second half. The Havies are playing some poor rugby and must consider it lucky to be still out there. The game was marred to a certain extent with the dishing out of a red card to a Havies... 

Power of branding in the poultry business

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The industry Ceylon Grain Elevators (CGE) PLC is a company of Prima Group of Companies. Through subsidiary companies, CGE has diversified from this core activity into commercial farms, poultry processing and retailing of poultry products, import and sale of a wide range of veterinary vaccines, poultry equipment and pet food, and commercial production of ornamental fish feed and shrimp feed. It was incorporated in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1982. CGE continued to grow steadily in its primary activities with the ultimate goal of reaching the status of integrated poultry business. The company mission is to harness the business opportunities by expanding into various vertical integration projects. This... 

Mad dog politics

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The prospect of power drives politicians rabid Rabies is an infectious disease of dogs, cats, bats, monkeys, jackals and other animals and man, usually fatal if prophylactic treatment is not administered. It is caused by the virus Formido inexoribilis and usually transmitted to man by the bite of an infected animal. It is also called hydrophobia. Rabid is explained in the dictionary as: irrationally extreme in opinion or practice, furious or raging, violently intense, affected with or pertaining to rabies; mad. In neighbouring India, the prospect of achieving power in the Union Parliament elections scheduled to be held before May 2014 has really driven the Indian political class rabid. Just... 

Large ships result in pricing war

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Large ships result in pricing war Cascading of large container ships from the Asia-Europe market into North-South trades is significantly eroding pricing in those markets, according to Drewry. It said that as of mid-2013, 108 ships ranging in size from 7,000 to 10,000, 20 ft equivalent units were operating on the Asia-North Europe market. “All of these vessels will need to be cascaded elsewhere by the end of 2015 or early 2016,” said Drewry Container Analyst Neil Dekkar. The effects can be clearly seen in the large increase in ship size in key North-South trades since July 2010. In the Asia-East Coast South America market between July 2010 and July 2013, the average ship size increased 41%,... 

Boosting the village economy

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Turning from Galgamuwa junction after travelling along the Kurunegala-Anuradhapura highway a visitor can reach the farming communities which recall the historic tank economy of Pallekele, Kahalla. The concept of the tank, dagaba, village and temple is rooted in Sri Lankan psyche since ancient times. The tanks which were the mainstay of the country’s agricultural civilisation were neglected and subsequently destroyed in the later decades. But thanks to the giant steps taken to boost agriculture in recent years, the concept has been revived despite the partial disappearance of the culture associated with tanks. Even today 75% of Sri Lanka’s population lives in rural areas. Today good fortune... 

‘S Curve’ for survival

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Survival and success are closely associated with managers, global and local alike. I came across the interesting concept of ‘Sigmoid Curve’. What it is all about leads us to an informative and insightful discourse. Today’s column is all about the ‘S Curve’ and its applications to Sri Lankan managers. Overview The Sigmoid Curve is named after ‘sigmoid,’ the Greek word for the letter ‘s’. It represents the curve of a new life cycle emerging from an existing one, much like an ‘S’ on its side. It was much referred to by Charles Handy, the Irish-born management guru. In the book ‘Age of Paradox,’ Charles Handy argues that to survive and grow, all individuals and institutions... 

Beware: US FATCA looming over non-participating financial institutions in foreign countries

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FATCA to catch tax dodgers Dodging of taxes by taxpayers is the biggest headache for tax administrators throughout the world. This is more so for the US tax administrator, Internal Revenue Service or IRS. In that country, the annual average tax loss by Federal Government alone due to tax evasion has been about $ 300 billion or 2 % of its GDP. Based on this, over the 10-year period from 2001 to 2010, it has been estimated that the government has lost about $ 3 trillion which is a substantial sum. To put a stop to tax evasion by US citizens, Obama Administration enacted in March 2010 a special law titled Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FATCA. After three abortive attempts at implementing... 

How to beat Navi Pillay and Jayalalitha

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A chance for GL on 5 March at the UNHRC in Geneva There is a right way and a wrong way to resist Navi Pillay — and Jayalalitha — and the Sri Lankan regime, I fear, is almost certain to do it the wrong way, which is also the way that is least likely to succeed. The difference between Navi Pillay and Jayalalitha is that the former is wrong on the most important thing but right on some things while the latter is wrong on everything she says about Sri Lanka. The way to respond to Navi Pillay is to pull the props or scaffolding from under her outrageous proposals of an international inquiry by implementing or constructively engaging with all her proposals except for that single outrageous one... 

Time for a Presidential Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

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Sri Lanka has once again come under the microscope of the international community. The image of Sri Lanka has been and is being tortured by the global media organisations worldwide. With the advent of the internet and online media, there has been a steady increase in the proliferation of news websites. The pro-separatist lobby seems to have made inroads into global media and adverse news reports have been and are being aired by the global media organisations. It would be an uphill task for Sri Lanka to counter each and every news story that is being hatched by the pro-separatist lobby. The biggest canard that has been successfully floated against Sri Lanka was that there is a genocide Sri Lanka.... 

Mayor Muzza speaks out

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“I am a UNPer, I will stand with the UNP” Mayor of Colombo A.J.M. Muzammil, who locked horns with United National Party following his wife’s nominations being denied, said he will not get actively involved in helping the party win at the upcoming Provincial Council elections. “I was not wanted. If I was not wanted, why should I go and get involved?” queries Muzammil. “I am the Mayor of Colombo. They never consulted me for the nomination process. I have told the Leader that I will not associate myself not because my wife was not given nominations but because I was not consulted as the Mayor. This is an insult to my office. Therefore I am remaining calm,” he added. Asked about his... 

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