Share-A-Coke Campaign brings friends together to reminisce on shared good times

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The taste of Coca-Cola continues to refresh and delight consumers across generations, evoking a mood of togetherness and oneness. Coca-Cola’s new ‘Share-A-Coke’ campaign once again highlights the great taste of Coca-Cola, sending out a bubbly message to Sri Lankans from all walks of life to come together and connect with friends both old and new.

Coca-Cola has keen insights into the aspirations of youth and understands that relationships are very significant to them. Therefore, the campaign has been designed to highlight how Coca-Cola enables magic between people and their relationships. No special occasion in Sri Lanka is complete without the familiar Coca-Cola bottles, which promise to spice up any occasion and make it fun.  

The new ‘Share-A-Coke’ campaign in the 250ml and 400ml packs have been launched as a catalyst to bridge division by beckoning Sri Lankans, especially the youth of the nation, to reminisce on their old bonds and ties, through unique pet names they shared with their childhood friends. This bond will be reignited yet again by sharing the unique packs of Coca-Cola.  The campaign will be unleashed through an integrated marketing campaign which connects ardent Coca-Cola lovers, while enticing new consumers to taste the effervescence of the world’s favourite cola brand for a magical experience amongst friends. 

Explaining the inspiration for the captivating creative campaign Coca-Cola Sri Lanka Ltd. Managing Director Pankaj Sinha said, “Coca-Cola has always focused on communicating a message of unity, bridging divisions and bringing everyone together. The new leg of Share-A-Coke campaign builds on this sentiment, thereby encouraging Sri Lankan youth to reignite their spark and forge new paths to successful relationships. Share-A-Coke campaign is about connecting with others by leveraging the power of personalisation and nostalgia, and has successfully been rolled out in multiple countries across the world. We are happy to bring it to Sri Lanka.”

Coca-Cola Sri Lanka Ltd. Managing Director Mayank Arora explained, “Coca-Cola belongs to the entire community of consumers in Sri Lanka and we want them to gain true happiness by sharing a Coke with old friends and remembering fun moments and unforgettable memories. Coca-Cola is synonymous with joy, optimism and magic, and we want to infuse this positive message to the youth of the country to express their emotions and love with their friends, recalling the jokes, funny nicknames and joyful memories to create magic.”