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Should Ravi resign; also Malik and Kabir? A Response

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I read with great interest the well-argued article written by Banker in the Financial Times, my favourite daily paper, titled, ‘Should Ravi resign?’ 

Ravi K is a businessman, he would have done business with the devil to make money. When he became Minister he should have got advised properly to run his affairs. However that was not the case it seems. 

Donald Trump is also a classic case in point. People who build businesses find it difficult to leave their empires in the hands of others for many reasons. This is what happened to Ravi. Sadly the man lied to get out of a fix with terrible consequences to him and his party. 

The UNP has had many more Ravi Karunanayake type Ministers in the past. So it is nothing new for the UNP. For the SLFP it was Basil, the man who abandoned properties. 

Kabir Hashim has been in the sidelines, he needs to be ignored. It is businessman Malik Samarawickrama who needs to be investigated. There are so many allegations against him. So this is the best time for him to come clean. He can no longer hide behind the Prime Minister and drag him down – enough is enough. 

I earnestly request the Commission to do the following:

A) Check the telephone records of Samarawickrama, Karunanayake and Mahendran. You will get all the answers the Commission needs to do your job. Show that you can stand up for justice.

b) The Minister in charge of the CB was the PM. Get him to the Commission. Ravi K or Malik S could not have done it on their own.

c) Under oath ask the BOC Chief who gave the order to release Rs. 10 billion to Perpetual. 

d) Ask the State funds (SLIC, EPF, ETF and NSB) as to who asked them to buy the 30-year bonds from Perpetual.

d) See the payment records of Perpetual Treasuries

e) Under oath ask Malik S and Ravi K if they have foreign accounts in their names, partners or companies. Most likely if they have must be in Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong. 

There will rest all the answers you want. You could put an end to this circus and bring back dignity to our institutions. 

Davinda Dissa

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