New President, the custodian of compliance

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It is heartening to note the civilised approach of Gotabaya Rajapaksa since his ascension to the power and authority in governance of the island nation.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

As we all witnessed Sri Lanka was not only driven towards economic bankruptcy but also was on the threshold of a pariah State with adherence to law and order fast diminishing towards worse than stone age primitivism.

The law of the land could be twisted to fancy on varied agendas and the order givers and takers contradicted with each other in compliance for their conveniences.

It was indeed a disgusting state of affairs which created least investor confidence and total collapse of money circulation amongst the small and medium businesses.

At a time of such, and though belated, the Sri Lankan voter has spoken decisively and bestowed upon  Gotabaya Rajapaksha the Presidency and also the Chief Custodian and the Chief Compliance Officer of the Sri Lankan State, to bring about order in ahead of the law. 

We Sri Lankans usually have no fear towards the law but fear order.

That order too, needs to come from a person who had in the past proven and being accepted to be of but strictly business.

In that sense, Sri Lanka wouldn’t have had a better choice than President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to be the best choice to become the Chief Compliance Officer for our troubled nation.

Once compliance is put in place, all other businesses, ethics will fall in place.

Your Excellency, may you have the courage and strength to steer this country to tranquillity and prosperity whilst creating wealth but worth and make it stand tall in the region.

Finally a sincere bit of thought: it is said that “Flowery and flattery is soothing, only to the dull cold ears of the dead.”

Your Excellency’s wisdom is destined to be alive at all times; it is the wish of the people.

R. Dahanayake