Bashing Sirisena

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Since 27 October there has been a constant assault on the President. It is most disturbing and troubling to witness the obvious partisan assault by the news media and social media. The President on more than one occasion explained his motives for the actions he resorted to with regards to the ouster of Ranil and dissolution of Parliament. His hour-long monologue after the swearing-in of the PM on 16 December was enlightening in terms of the confrontational politics within the unity government between himself and Ranil. His calm and quiet delivery to his nemesis (Ranil) and his lackeys, elucidating his complaints, was enlightening. 

The defiance, antagonism and arrogance of the UNP in dealing with troubling issues like the Central Bank bond scam, Free Trade Agreements, selections by the Constitutional Council and the findings of commissions, etc. were explained in simple language.

It is no secret that Ranil is more than a little difficult to work with and tolerate, with him prone to rambling speeches, incoherent visions and ridiculous promises. 

Ranil’s elitist attitude throughout his political career is no secret. His patron was his uncle JR, also a pugnacious elitist. He was sacked by President Chandrika for this very reason. He then went into hibernation without the slightest murmur. She attributed the very irritating and uncompromising behaviour to his inability to work with an elected Legislature.  

He was kept in his place by the eloquent Oxbridge personalities of Gamini, Lalith and President Premadasa. Unfortunately, with their tragic demise, he took over the reins by default.

I believe President Sirisena has suffered incongruous insults both in attitude and actions at the hands of the upper class UNP bandwagon. He admits it many times.

We need to bear in mind that President Sirisena is at the moment the only legislator democratically elected in the country today.  

‘The Colombians’ especially are rooting for his scalp. They act like warriors screaming around a hostage tied to a pole. 

The UNP and their cohorts have to be reminded that Sirisena agreed to be the Common Candidate against an all-powerful and popular president. That was courageous. That ‘touch-and-go’ election would have destroyed only him if he was defeated. The cowardly action came on the part of the UNP. They played cat and mouse.

The victory of Sirisena as President enabled the UNP to ride into Parliament on the back of Sirisena. Today they threaten to impeach him and ridicule him. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”.