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Palaly comes to life again

Views - 189 Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:54

Today, 17 October, Sri Lanka is scheduled to re-open the Palaly Airport as its third international aerodrome. There will be many who will applaud and give praise for the refurbishment and upgrading of the new airport; and there will be others who wil

Who would match promises with current reality?

Views - 28 Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:50

The time for promises has started. Everybody utters how they will make Sri Lanka a better place. But have they learnt anything from the previous election manifestos? Has the public learnt from the great difference between the election manifesto and t

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce’s key recommendations on legislation, regulations and governance

Views - 70 Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:47

Lead: Dilani Alagaratnam – President, Group Legal & HR, John Keells Holdings Members of the working group: Prof. Rohan Samarajiva – Founding Chair, LIRNEasia & Chairman, ICTA Dr. J.C. Swaminathan – Partner, Julius & Creasy Dr. Arittha Wikrama

Why Turkey took the fight to Syria

Views - 19 Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:00

By Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu ANKARA, Turkey: It is dismaying that Turkey’s military operation in northeastern Syria is being spun in the American news media as an attack on Kurds, as weakening the fight against the remnants of Daesh (or the so-called I

The Milky Way

Views - 476 Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:00

When Rathinam Jenaka first began working at YARLCO, she was only allowed to boil the milk. As she stood stirring the pot, she would glance over to the other women on the factory floor. “Some girls were doing skilled work, and people would come and

UN Secretary-General’s message

Views - 12 Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:00

Ending extreme poverty is at the heart of the world’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and build a sustainable future for all. But success in leaving no one behind will remain elusive if we do not target the people who are fart

Ministry of Higher Education: A nation rich in human capital

Views - 300 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 01:50

This series is based on business leader Dhammika Perera’s recently revealed ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Action Plan to increase GDP Per Capita from $ 4,000 to $ 12,000’. The document outlines goals and action plans for 23 ministries and today

MMDA, niqab, ACJU and a monk

Views - 176 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:56

MMDA saga continues without an end. After nine years of gestation, the Justice Saleem Marsoof (JSM) Committee which, for the first time in Sri Lankan Muslim history, lent an ear to the voice of Muslim women on a matter that affects their lives direct

An appeal to fair and impartial posterity

Views - 48 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:53

By Zulkifli Nazim Gautama Buddha in one of his discourses stated: “The wheel of life and death is kept turning by the three poisons of greed, hatred, and stupidity. By cutting off the three poisons, we can escape the wheel and become enlightened.

Cigarette smuggling in Sri Lanka: Hype vs. reality

Views - 169 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:50

In the run-up to elections, Sri Lanka is once again witnessing various news activities highlighting how the Government is losing revenue due to increased consumption of illicit cigarettes and beedi. However, the wider Government policy on tobacco con

Dramas and dilemmas of political marketing during Presidential Elections

Views - 52 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:45

The Presidential race is taking momentum, which is further intensified by the eagerness to see what would be the role of the new President elected under the 19th Amendment of the Constitution. Of course, the Presidential race has only two possible p

Sajith Premadasa last hope for the downtrodden

Views - 322 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:43

Minister of Housing and Construction Sajith Premadasa is clearly a man who has declared war on poverty. If he becomes the seventh elected President on 17 November, he will hopefully liberate the downtrodden citizens of our nation. Many of the lower

Free and Open Indo-Pacific Vision and Belt and Road Initiative: Can they coexist?

Views - 44 Wednesday, 16 October 2019 00:37

Internationally-renowned Japanese Professor of Contemporary Chinese Politics at the Graduate School for Law and Politics and Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, Akio Takahara, delivered a thought-provoking lecture

Amended Land (Restrictions on Alienation) Act No. 38 of 2014: Challenge for Gotabaya and Sajith

Views - 143 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

“First, the US and the MCC will not buy, own any land under this agreement. It is illegal under Sri Lankan law for foreigners including Americans to buy or own land here. Second, MCC compact has no connection with US military,” MCC Sri Lanka Resi

If Sajith wants to win

Views - 2737 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

Presidential Elections are more about candidate and less about the party. That explains the curious, yet familiar process that we have witnessed in recent weeks; would-be candidate refashioning the party structures in his own image or attempting to d

Ceylon Chamber of Commerce’s key recommendations on trade

Views - 88 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce recently launched a working draft of ‘Sri Lanka Economic Acceleration Framework 2020-25’ towards building a $ 135 billion economy by 2025. Today we feature the Trade Working Group proposals from the document

Crumbling courts, rumbling sentiments

Views - 553 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

The High Court and District Court premises in Colombo were built about 300 years ago during the Dutch period, at Hulftsdorp which is named after the Dutch General Hulft who died in 1656 by a bullet, fired by a Portuguese soldier while besieging the P

BOC refuses to accept water bill payment over the counter?

Views - 327 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

When I visited the Bank of Ceylon, 94, Main Street, Pettah last Thursday to settle the  water bill, the young lady teller refused point-blank to accept  the payment (please note that all three tellers were free as there wasn’t a queue at all)

Ceylon Tea: Not an adoption driver?

Views - 335 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

The latest research study done using Artificial Intelligence (AI) on consumer perceptions on a sample market like ‘Australia’ reveal that, the key attributes that a consumer looks for when selecting tea are: quality of tea, type of tea and tea fl

Condottieri contesting for presidency?

Views - 112 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

Condottieri is the plural for condottiere, which is Italian in origin, meaning the leader or captain of a mercenary army. They are hirelings bought for money or other rewards by a resourceful party. How and whys of a war or struggle is not their conc

Urgent attention required against threats faced by two civil society activists

Views - 559 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

We, the undersigned concerned about democracy, justice and rule of law in Sri Lanka, are alarmed at the threats made against two senior civil society activists for filing an application in the Court of Appeal (CA) challenging the validity of the dual

Peer-to-peer advocacy on sexual and reproductive health rights is the need of the hour

Views - 65 Tuesday, 15 October 2019 00:00

Project ‘Safe Space,’ an initiative by the Society for Health Education (SHE – a member association of International Planned Parenthood Federation) is positively changing the recreational spaces in Maldives as a platform for youth to initiate

Ministry of Education: A nation rich in human capital

Views - 348 Monday, 14 October 2019 00:40

lIncrease the current number of students doing A/L from 218,191 to 300,000 and ensure majority of A/L students do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. lEnsure 360,000 students per annum sit for O/Ls. lDevelop 771 schools u

South Asia’s trajectory through innovations and disruptions in the 4IR

Views - 21 Monday, 14 October 2019 00:00

By Harini Weerasekera The primary issue that arose at the plenary on ‘Promoting Innovation and Disruption in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)’, at the 12th South Asia Economic Summit (SAES XII), organised by the IPS, was the role of disrupt

First 100 days action plan of the next President of Sri Lanka (V1.0)

Views - 218 Monday, 14 October 2019 00:00

There is a popular trend among presidential candidates to present an action plan for their first 100 days in office. Although I used to think that it was just an election gimmick, I am now beginning to think it is a good way to think through the imme

Bankrupt Sri Lanka Incorporated: Prospective rescuers should come up with a common policy

Views - 6158 Monday, 14 October 2019 00:00

The case of a bankrupt company What do you think of a private company which is indebted to the hilt, does not earn enough to repay its debt and experiences a low sales growth which is declining year after year? Surely, it is a problem company needing

Emotionally intelligent leaders for Sri Lanka: Dire need of a rare breed

Views - 677 Monday, 14 October 2019 00:00

Verbal diarrheal has become rampant in Presidential Election season. Emotional outbursts in the political circles ranging from “jumpers to pampers” are common these days. Leaders are supposed to be more “emotionally intelligent” according to

Ministry of Regional Development: A nation rich in convenience

Views - 496 Friday, 11 October 2019 00:30

This new series is based on business leader Dhammika Perera’s recently revealed ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Action Plan to increase GDP Per Capita from $ 4,000 to $ 12,000’. The document outlines goals and action plans for 23 ministries and

Puzzles of Sri Lanka

Views - 1184 Friday, 11 October 2019 00:20

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, presidential candidate of the Podujana Peramuna, was able to hand in nomination papers for the Presidential Election by overcoming one legal hurdle. Though it has caused much excitement among his supporters, many people haven’t

Human capital agenda for Sri Lanka

Views - 230 Friday, 11 October 2019 00:15

In the last 10 years global HR thought leaders have created a very powerful human capital view, that if you invest in your own education you’ll get returns in a better job and better income, and also that educated people stand a better chance of ge

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Ministry of Civil Aviation: A nation rich in connectivity

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

lIncrease runway movement from 11 to 17 departures per hour at BIA. lFacilitate an optimum structure to ensure a strong network of airports.

Elpitiya test market: Implications for brands Gota and Sajith

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

In the traditional world of marketing, we tend to test market a product before going national with it. There are three test marketing areas that are normally selected by FMCG companies - Gampaha, Kandy and Negombo. The logic behind this is that the c

How to promote innovations to transform our nation

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

“There is only one thing stronger than all other armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo A country’s economic success and prosperity largely depends on the technological advancement it embraces and the leve

An efficient energy sector for economic growth

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

When I saw the advertisement about an Energy Forum organised by PUCSL for a Policy Dialogue on the importance of an efficient energy sector for economic and investment growth, I was very happy as I have been interested in this relationship for more t

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