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SriLankan Board needs the BOI treatment

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In every paper, website and conversation it is about the mismanagement of Srilankan Airlines. The Cabinet virtually abused the Chairman and the CEO, but regardless they both continue shamelessly. Why? Is it the free tickets? The salaries and perks? No one can fathom why people go to such a low level to hang onto their jobs. Sorry state of affairs. The CEO’s inexperience and mismanagement in the airline is now legendary. Recently, the airline had been forced to pay $ 12,000 per day as penalty charges to Interglobe Aviation for the delay of re-delivery of its Airbus A320 registered under 4R-ABK which is still lying at the Colombo 747 Hangar. Interglobe Aviation is the next lessee. This was due to serious maintenance mistakes by SriLankan Engineering and also violating the EASA 145 regulations. SriLankan Airlines is already liable for 62 days which is $ 12,000 x 62 with no defined date fixed yet for the re-delivery.

In another case, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has decided to suspend its approval for SriLankan Airlines due to serious audit finding at SriLankan Airlines. As per our source, there were several very serious Level 1 findings which show the airline has violated the rules set by EASA. This will severely affect the airline. All maintenance activities will now be compelled to be outsourced to nearby countries. Already the 4R-ALA A330-200 Airbus is in Indonesia at the Garuda maintenance facility. SriLankan is paying $ 95,000 per aircraft only for labour charges, excluding material costs. Let us hope for the sake of the country the President, after his return, issues a directive to the Chairman, Directors and the CEO to leave the airline. If this happens, we will know the President has a backbone.


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