Human ravage and nature’s rage

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Scientists say that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide emissions from industrial units – far in excess of what was naturally produced by elements of the earth in earlier times.

The writer intends this piece to titillate the minds of average readers for deeper reading on the scientific aspect of global warming, which holds ominous disasters for the future, if industrial units are not curtailed-thus allowing excessive production that is catered for human needs.

In deeper thought we see it as a vicious cycle emanating from greed-followed up by advertising agents spurring entrepreneurs to produce in excess for larger profit-to the detriment of innocent masses!

Disasters foretold by scientists are now surfacing the globe needing close attention by industrial entrepreneurs and moralists.  

Scientists pointed out and still do, that if this warming is not arrested, it will further effect the natures balance between the earth and sun causing excessive industrial emissions to be absorbed into the oceans; this will prevent coral and sea shell formation, changing the configuration of ocean and wind currents that had been stable in the past several years and also it will disturb the global surface temperature-now experienced with wind currents blowing hot and cold in rapid turns.

In earlier years there was what is termed Greenhouse Effect with water vapor and other acceptable gases absorbing the heat emanating from the sun-trapping its radiation to the lower atmosphere, maintaining normal temperature with no abnormal heating.

Aren’t we sitting on a ticking time bomb when we see what is happening with forest fires in Australia, Amazon forest in raging fires, Indonesia in flood, earthquakes in Canada and Mexico, dreaded tsunamis, epidemics and killer heat waves and volcanic eruption in the Philippines?

These planetary changes seen seldom in the past, are now increasing in enormity and frequency.

A former Vice President of the US Al Gore said: “Red alert is on, to examine a better way of life!”

Scientists have introduced the following as a deterrent for rapidly increasing global warming;

Construction of engines not polluting the air

Harnessing sun and wind for production

Using coal resources without heating the planet

The above is covered by a new technology termed clean-tech; such effective devices have been down the pipeline for quite a while, but curiously slow in coming out at the other end.

But why?

Are they dragging feet to make hay while the sun shines?

If so, is it not short shortsighted and a shame?

None so blind as those who refuse to see, but continue to ravage the planet, with rape of forests and damming of rivers, catering to needs of industrial units, thus enraging nature now spewing its vengeance.

– Oscar E.V. Fernando