iTelaSoft announces release of 5G capabilities on XG platform

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iTelaSoft who has been engaged in developing Telco and IoT solutions for both global and local organisations released its new version of the XG Test Platform that can now cater to network testing and monitoring 5G roll outs.

iTelaSoft CEO Indaka Raigama said, “Until now, iTelaSoft’s XG platform was capable of testing and monitoring 2G, 3G, 4G, and Narrowband cellular networks. Hereinafter, with the addition of latest 5G NR capabilities, our XG Test Platform becomes one of the most convenient all-in-one networking testing tools on the market, since it now allows testing and monitoring the complete range of cellular technologies.”

From the perspective of telecommunications companies, which are either planning or already deploying 5G infrastructure, the ability to test high-bandwidth, low-latency data transmissions in a controlled lab environment or at a production site represents a huge advantage. 

Thanks to the XG platform from iTelaSoft they can efficiently overcome some of the most common 5G implementation challenges such as, Performing comprehensive 5G signal reliability tests, Easing the validation of MIMO and beamforming configurations, Testing 5G speed performance, Performing 5G network simulations in controlled laboratory conditions, using XGP advanced testing and monitoring features to assist technicians in identifying anomalies, and 5G network availability testing and monitoring, both in the lab and on-site during cell deployment. 

The recent update of the XG Test Platform with next generation 5G capabilities is further proof of the commitment of the iTelaSoft technical team to keep this platform at the forefront of network monitoring and testing tools. iTelaSoft pledge is to continue leading the telecommunications landscape by offering innovative and useful tools that helps its customers to offer quality services while saving effort.

The IoT innovations are spearheaded by a team of young engineers led by IoT Head, Chrishmal Fernando. “The platform is not limited to 5G. Over the last four years, XG Test Platform covered a series of capabilities from validating Voice, IP and Non-IP Messaging, Broadband and Narrowband Data in cellular networks. Our platform consists of radio test equipment and a distributed test framework software that allows network technicians and test professionals to be productive by drastically reducing manual testing involved in setting up a cell. Not only for testing, we have employed our platform for ongoing monitoring of cellular services and applications in many occasions,” Fernando added.

iTelaSoft is a global technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2009 by a group of IT technologists, iTelaSoft expanded its operations to include development centres in Sri Lanka and India. iTelaSoft specialises in product development and enterprise technology with a vision of becoming one of the best innovation partners to their customers. They have helped many start-ups, established product vendors, and large enterprises in Fintech, Telco and Edtech domains to achieve their business goals.