Hirdaramani’s H One launches all-encompassing digital factory-floor solution, Res.Q 2020

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H One Head of Business Solutions Thushitha Kularatne, H One CEO Samath Fernando, and H One Manager, Business Development Dilshan Chiththananda

A guest at the Res.Q 2020 launch discusses the range of dashboards available with the solution​

The H One team demonstrates RFID based production tracking​

Demonstration of the digitised quality management module

Thushitha Kularatne highlights the lot based button which alerts all systems of an issue at a specific workstation​

A mock factory floor set up at Hilton Colombo Residences to demonstrate the capabilities of the Res.Q product suite


H One Ltd., Sri Lanka’s leading full-service digital solutions provider, and IT arm of textile powerhouse Hirdaramani, has announced the launch of the newest module of the Res.Q product suite; an end-to-end program that sets out to optimise the operations of Sri Lanka’s booming apparel manufacturing industry.

At an event to launch the transformative new technology, H One’s Thushitha Kularatne and Dilshan Chiththananda took industry professionals on a tour of a mock factory floor. They introduced the workings and benefits of each Res.Q module, and it’s potential to seamlessly deliver a holistic solution to control the entire factory floor, by leaving behind the conventional paper-based process and embracing digital transformation, further fortifying Res.Q’s capabilities in delivering greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Res.Q’s new modules focus on the evolution of various aspects of the textile fabrication process, by offering a solution to overcome the most time-consuming and tedious of tasks; namely in the departments of employee skill management, machine management, line planning, fabric inspection, manufacturing execution, and overall quality management.

The first module, Res.Q| SM, is the component which enables the digitisation of employee Skill Management through one central cloud-based platform. Through individual profiles of each employee, this skill management solution will provide information on the real-time skill competencies of each machine operator, allowing the management to seamlessly identify, organise, and manage their staff to effectively maximise productivity.

The second component, Res.Q| MI, is designed to create a completely paperless Machine Inventory management system by leveraging NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This real-time analytical platform will provide decision makers with a range of interactive dashboards for instant, data driven decision making.

Component three, Res.Q| SL, optimises a factory’s output by helping clients achieve the ideal man-machine line balance, done by assigning the most-suited operator and machine to the right operation, via a series of in-depth data and operational analyses, thus reducing the time spent on manual line balancing.

Res.Q FI is the fourth component, and deals with fabric inspection, where the textile is digitally assessed for its quality, shade, and shrinkage capacity. Once a shipment arrives, individual rolls will be assigned a unique ID for evaluation. Once the QR or bar code of the roll has been scanned, it will be inspected through a special machine that will digitally take note of any defect and problem areas. An inspection summary can then be auto generated for automated supplier evaluations.

Next, Res.Q| MES tracks a factory’s start-to-end production capabilities. A cloud-based production tracking module, this component helps users track their total manufacturing process from cutting to packing. Employers will be able to define steps, assign users, and enable security parameters for effective production route creation. This module enables functioning with either RFID, bar codes, or QR codes, providing a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. 

An optional add-on for Res.Q users is integration with Res.Q| QMS, to add custom quality inspection points for any required steps. This is H One’s first digital solution to be introduced to the market, this cloud-based management solution provides decision makers with a 360°view of production quality on the factory floor, streamlining quality inspection with a simple, digital interface driven process.

This specialised industrial digitisation brought about by Res.Q, is a digital virtual copy of the factory floor that encompasses automation and data exchange by capturing events in real time and contextually streaming it to the relevant decision makers with actionable insights. As clients increasingly deploy these digital tools, a new universe of efficiency, transparency, and personalisation will open up, supporting clients in their goal to thrive and succeed in their businesses.

“Over the years we have been opening up extraordinary opportunities for textile players to fine-tune their factory processes and address their individual pain points, resulting in competitive advantages and bringing more efficiency to the industry,” said H One CEO Samath Fernando. “Res.Q follows suit in providing next-generation, customer-specific smart factory solutions that are affordable as well as easy to incorporate by both management and their employees.” Ever since its founding in 2017, H One has been helping apparel manufacturers move towards the concept of Smart Manufacturing by empowering them with technology that caters to the unique challenges of the industry, and by filling technology gaps left unaddressed by mainstream systems including ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning solutions). 

Now running in more than 50 factories, and operations in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Myanmar, H One has plans of expanding its 500+ production line business to other regions.