Moms Do Digital: Stay-at-home mom to own boss

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Riyaza Jaffar (right) and Varuni Seneviratne  

Moms Do Digital is a digital marketing agency started by two moms with the plan of taking the digital game to a whole new level. This is not your ordinary agency, clients are heard, understood and delivered with exactly what they need.

Coming from diversified backgrounds Riyaza Jaffar and Varuni Seneviratne teamed up to start an agency to keep on doing what they know best while being full-time moms. “This has always been in the back of our minds, to use some of the most creative individuals we know and start up our own firm,” said Riyaza, when asked about their inception. 

She went on to say that they have been working on several high-profile accounts for a couple of years now and felt that it is right about time to take the next step. “The team is a bunch of individuals with extensive experience and education in various fields with a distinctive similarity and is headed by two moms who have given up their nine-to-five jobs to manage their homes and raise kids,” added Varuni.

Riyaza hails from a marketing background with over five years of experience in managing digital campaigns and catering to a wide clientele with bespoke strategies. Over the years she has learnt what works best for certain brands in terms of digital and offline marketing. She has seen the shift, been there and helped several companies go onboard with active social media platforms, taking their businesses to the next level within the digital realm. 

Varuni, on the other hand, worked in the IT and business field for five years and chose to take a break only to give the best care to her child. “I knew from day one that I would get back to work soon and I was taking that break for the best reasons,” said Varuni, to which Riyaza agreed: “Here we are now juggling our duties as full-time mothers at the same time putting our knowledge and experience into practice.”

Moms Do Digital is looking forward to expanding their team with more mothers out there with the passion to achieve and do bigger. “We are always drawn to the kind of vibe and positive energy a mom could bring in to our team, we are very confident about training such individuals to deliver. Attitude is everything!” Riyaza confidently affirmed. 

The team currently consists of experts who were former professionals who have made the choice of staying at home and freelancing their main purpose.

Moms Do Digital foresees its long term goals to grow as an entity that is made up of creative individuals (not only of mothers) and support them to achieve more than what society thinks they should do. They are also hoping to conduct ‘digital media workshops’ to endow women entrepreneurs who cannot afford to hire an agency for their social media marketing needs. 

Moms Do Digital is not meant to be an ordinary marketing agency. They use the strengths of each of their team member to deliver the best results to each of their clients. 

Riyaza explained: “We are flexible with working hours and cater to immediate demands of each of our clients. All of us are well aware of our clients so that there is no way we have to miss out on a single expectation from them.”

What is more noteworthy is the fact that Moms Do Digital is new only in terms of its name but well established among its clientele as a thriving marketing service provider entity. In a nutshell, their vision is to help businesses and nonprofits leverage the new digital economy for improved results while helping individuals achieve the perfect work-life balance.