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Auctioning CEOs and senior managers – IPL style!

Views - 2189 Monday, 10 January 2011 00:16

The recent IPL auctions have provided some useful learnings for business managers. Those who have demonstrated solid performance, like M.S. Dhoni, have been retained. Those with great history and fanfare who have yet not delivered in recent times, li

Learning from the jelly fish

Views - 1550 Monday, 3 January 2011 00:38

In structuring today’s business organisations, we can take some powerful lessons from the jelly fish. Depending on the environment and the circumstances, the jelly fish can swiftly change its shape and colour – precisely the kind of

Coconuts – Food for Thought

Views - 2152 Monday, 27 December 2010 00:40

The price of coconuts has become a hot topic and re-active measures are being taken. Through an appropriate econometric analysis, such a crisis could have been predicted well in advance (barring unforeseen natural disasters). What should be of grea

Tourism strategy

Views - 1466 Tuesday, 21 December 2010 00:01

The role of tourism in marketing a country is not just confined to the tourism dollars it attracts. Tourism can play a major role in influencing the perceptions of a country for FDIs and exports. There are five key interrelated questions that any cou

Who adds the most value to our economy?

Views - 1614 Monday, 13 December 2010 00:39

The Sri Lankan economy is powered by women at the ‘bottom of the pyramid,’ with significant socioeconomic challenges. Tea pluckers, tailors and housemaids are the main ‘value-adders’ to over US$ 8 billion (70% or more) of the

Confusion marketing

Views - 1609 Monday, 6 December 2010 00:52

As a consumer, having a wide choice is considered healthy – be it  companies, brands, products, services, channels, communications, price points and/or financing options. Thanks to open markets, low entry barriers and large-scale/low cost

It’s no Irish joke!

Views - 2279 Monday, 29 November 2010 01:50

Until around 2006, Ireland was considered as an economy to be emulated, given the knowledge-based businesses it built and its ability to attract leading multinationals away from other European capitals.Fast forward 2010, Ireland’s external debt

Budgeting: ‘Incrementalism’ vs. ‘Quantum Leaps’

Views - 2291 Monday, 22 November 2010 01:39

Most companies and countries tend to approach their budgeting process on an incremental basis, compared to the previous year– an approach we at MTI call ‘Incrementalism’. This works well in mature markets. Few countries and companie

Who wants to be a CEO?

Views - 1624 Sunday, 14 November 2010 23:43

Corporate happiness, we are made to believe, is always at the top of the organisation. Considering the glamour and dollars it attracts, unsurprisingly there is a ‘gold rush’ to get up the greasy corporate ladder. Increasingly, there is ev

Ladders and snakes

Views - 1446 Monday, 8 November 2010 06:31

This is a corporate game. Those trying to climb the greasy (and sometimes imaginary) ‘Corporate Ladders’ at any cost and the ‘Corporate Snakes’ spending all their energies on stinging them down. Organisational politics is dest

The ‘curse’ of confidence

Views - 2258 Monday, 1 November 2010 01:51

We live in an era where ‘confidence’ has become a precious commodity. ‘Wall Streets’ and ‘Main Streets’ are both driven by confidence. A ‘hiccup’ in confidence in one facet leads to a chain reaction, in

When geography becomes history!

Views - 1465 Monday, 25 October 2010 06:28

Excepting a few multinationals, the marketing structures (and therefore strategies) of most companies are country-centric. The penetration of global media, the power of the internet and the reach of large retail chains have reduced the significance o

Learnings from boxing: ‘Dian-ise’ other sports

Views - 3128 Sunday, 17 October 2010 23:57

It is great to see that Sri Lanka has achieved ‘real’ success in a sport other than cricket. However, it is sad that it has taken us 72 years to win such a coveted gold medal. What are the management learnings from this great boxing achie

‘Mining’ for lessons from Chile

Views - 2763 Saturday, 16 October 2010 00:15

In an era when thousands die without much of a media fuss, it is intriguing how the fate of 33 poor Chilean miners (alive though!)  has turned into a global media story.While certainly sympathising with the humanitarian aspects of the incident,

What India can learn from China?

Views - 1597 Monday, 4 October 2010 15:14

If China could have so successfully conducted the Olympics, there is no reason why India could not have excelled at conducting the Commonwealth Games. However, the gap is clearly evident and attracting a lot media flak. Assuming that project manageme

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The fish that swallowed the whale

Friday, 16 November 2018

This is an easy-peasy, elementary effort of an ordinary citizen to comprehend the mad scramble for power among the political class. It is undertaken in the belief that the crisis we face is an opportunity to reject the family kleptocracy of Mahinda R

Courting democracy; Housing disaster?

Thursday, 15 November 2018

A small step was taken by a sovereign court the day before yesterday. It was a giant leap for the supremacy of the Constitution over all three arms of government in a recently benighted Sri Lanka. As well as being the tangible proof of intra-governme

Sri Lanka’s Judiciary in its finest hour

Thursday, 15 November 2018

“We must never forget that the only real source of power we as judges can tap is the respect of the people” –Justice Thurgood Marshall

When scholars turn slayers of reason

Thursday, 15 November 2018

“… I think, that the intellectual is an individual endowed with a faculty of representing, embodying, articulating a message, a view, an attitude, philosophy or opinion to, as well as for, a public. And this role has an edge to it, and cannot be

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