‘Let the Blind See’ with Wickramarachchi Opticians and Orel IT’s OrCam

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German Ambassador in Sri Lanka Jörn Rohde testing out the product

Sri Lanka’s pioneering vision and hearing care specialist, J.M. Wickramarachchi Opticians together with Orel IT, recently launched the revolutionary artificial vision technology in Sri Lanka. This technology which has taken the world by storm with its ability to allow the visually impaired to do much more than reading, is set to transform the way we look at ophthalmology. OrCam, dubbed the most advanced wearable assistive technology device for the blind and visually impaired, not just reads text, but also recognises faces, identifies products and more.

OrCam was jointly founded in 2010 by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram. The original OrCam MyEye device was launched in 2015, and the next generation OrCam MyEye 2.0 was launched in 2017. The latest version is what will be available in Sri Lanka.

OrCam MyEye 2.0 increases users’ independence and this device can easily be used by children, adults, and the elderly alike which improves his/her quality of life. OrCam MyEye 2 is a tiny device, about 22 grams, that uses highly advanced AI, OCR and machine learning technology to instantly read any printed and digital text, recognise faces, identify products, money notes, colours, barcodes and even tell the user the time and date all with intuitive gesture control. It does this by conveying visual information audibly. The device could be easily attached to almost any pair of glasses and it works in real-time, requiring no internet connectivity to function. It assures full data privacy.

Furthermore, persons suffering from dyslexia and reading fatigue could read properly with the use of the product. OrCam enables persons who cannot read English to actually ‘read’ and absorb what is there in a written form as an automated voice does the reading for them. Automatic LED illumination also permits the person wearing the product to read in the dark. 

The product also comes with a USB charger, automatic software updates, and Bluetooth connectivity. OrCam MyEye 2 has won numerous awards over the years. It is available in more than 29 countries, in nearly 20 languages and is now available in Sri Lanka via Wickramarachchi Opticians island wide.

The product is marketed by Orel IT, an innovative and groundbreaking IT company in Sri Lanka. 

J.M. Wickramarachchi and Co. who has partnered with Orel IT as the distributor of OrCam has built a strong reputation as a leading eye care solution in the country. Established in 1976, today Wickramarachchi Opticians has a wide network of outlets across the country providing eye care diagnostics, spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses.