Enhancing spaces with bespoke locally-sourced products

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  • Cobwebscraft expands with Cobwebs Interior

By Shailendree Wickrama Adittiya

Character and authenticity are important elements to consider when designing an interior or exterior space. From colours and patterns to furniture and art, what one uses to enhance a space adds to its character. With Cobwebs Interior, one need not worry about finding the right pieces and products to make their space unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Founder Yashi Silva says that Cobwebs Interior is still in the making and it is different to Cobwebscraft, which she described as an online store where customers can purchase products and have them delivered. With Cobwebs Interior, customers can expect a personalised experience, where the team meets the customer, visits the home or office space, and offers a new outlook to the area.

“With a range of packages for them to choose, our aim is for everyone to have a beautiful well-organised space regardless of the size or location for a reasonable price,” Silva said.

Cobwebs Interior is run by Silva and her partner Harin, without whom the venture would not be possible. Silva, who used to be a production and event manager prior to launching Cobwebs, continues to freelance in the field.

“I am so grateful for being able to do something I am passionate about and I want to thank everyone who made it possible, especially my two best friends Danu and Rahul for providing encouragement,” she said.

Those looking to enhance or personalise a space can find products like bespoke wooden furniture, wall hangings, paintings, art, and pots and plants on Cobwebs Interior. “At the same time, we help the customer scout for other products which are not available through us to make sure everything is exactly how they imagine it to be,” Silva added.

Cobwebs Interior supports other local businesses and shares their work with different trades. They are always scouting for different vendors, which Silva says can be challenging in comparison to having a constant supplier. However, this enables them to support other small businesses, especially locally-sourced products like woodwork, pottery and handloom.

A challenge Silva faced with regard to products is the inability to maintain a readymade stock when providing customers with only bespoke items, like they initially did. “We are now working on having a stock with select fast moving items for Cobwebscraft and anything that needs special customisation goes through Cobwebs Interior. This way we can serve more without compromising on time and quality of service,” she explained.

The biggest challenges faced by the team was getting the product exactly right through continuous communication and knowing every small detail. This can be time consuming and coordinating with the customer, getting supplies and making various changes can be a challenge.

“The best way to deal with these situations is to use as many visual aids as possible. Designing a digital image, using photographs of previous products and then consulting the customer before actually going ahead with the order has proven quite efficient,” she commented.

Silva went on to share the story of how Cobwebscsaft came about. Having been in the corporate sector for a long time, Silva wanted to get out of the rat race. “Cobwebscraft was an overnight decision,” she said, adding that she hand-painted a mug, created an Instagram account, and posted her creation online. “I guess people liked what they saw, the orders started flowing in and it grew steadily,” Silva added.

The Founder of Cobwebscraft went on to say that it was not easy at the start, especially when it came to colours, mediums, material, and experimentation. However, it soon became her passion.

“It is never going to be easy and it is not like having a fixed income. I will always be at risk financially but I think it is all about doing something you are passionate about and growing your knowledge,” Silva said. Having started on an impulse, Cobwebscraft did not take long to have a range of products and a steady flow of orders.

“Of course, we faced a lot of challenges these couple of years, the whole country did. Almost every trade took a hit through these hard times,” Silva said, adding that Cobwebs has been able to stand on their feet thanks to people who support local and small businesses. She went on to say that further growth is possible through consistent quality and service.

With regard to the expansion from Cobwebscraft to Cobwebs Interior, Silva explained that social media had a role to play. According to Silva, more and more local businesses and talent can gain increased exposure through social media, making it easy to find material and products which gives the team a range of options and ideas to choose from. “This in turn encourages more people to purchase from these small vendors and help us grow together,” she added.

Since both Cobwebscraft and Interior works exclusively through Instagram, anyone interested in enhancing or personalising their home or office space can visit their page and browse through various products.