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Clarion International launches ‘Solar Power Branches’ in key cities

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  • Plans to further expand network across Sri Lanka in coming months

 Clarion International Ltd. (www.clarionsrilanka.lk), a company with a 32-year track record that has saved the nation billions of rupees in energy solutions, recently opened ‘Solar Power Branches’ in several key cities across the island, paving the way for customers seeking world-class solar power solutions to easily access the company’s products and services.

The newly-launched branches are in Ratnapura (No. 276, Main Street), Hingurakgoda (First Cross Street), Kurunegala (175, Puttalam Road) and Jaffna (A9 Road, Chavakachcheri) and Ambalanthota (128 1/1, Hambanthota Road, Ambalanthota). Ensuring convenience for solar customers, the company will open branches in other cities in the coming months.

During its three-decade history, Clarion International Ltd. (Clarion Energy) has successfully deployed energy solutions for over 1,200 leading companies in more than 45 business sectors. Among them are organisations such as banks, government departments, multi-national companies, heavy industries, supermarket chains, hotels, private hospitals, garment factories, agricultural companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Clarion’s world-class solutions include solar power systems, power factor correction, power controls, energy management systems, electronic drives, high efficiency motors, surge and lightning protection, earthing solutions, LED lighting solutions as well as service and maintenance for which Clarion is well known for.

Clarion International Ltd. Managing Director Barnes Abeywardena said, “I am proud to state that for the past 32 years, Clarion has won the trust of thousands of leading companies by providing world-class energy saving solutions, resulting in savings of several billion rupees. We have been able to achieve such exceptional results by leveraging our keys strengths, namely, unparalleled expertise, state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to utilising only the world’s best products. This new initiative means we can offer the benefits enjoyed by our business customers to home owners island-wide. Solar power system is a life-time investment and it is vital that the customer chooses an organisation such as Clarion that has a long track record in energy, backed by global technological leaders, so that they are guaranteed toreceive the highest quality products and superior customer service.”

He continued, “Manufactured only in Europe, our partners FRAKO, KACO, BENEDICT and HAKEL ensure that the highest possible quality and standards are always maintained. In a country where cheap LEDs and solar panels are dumped endlessly, these high-quality products offer a peace of mind to our customers.” He added, “Clarion has always maintained the highest quality by partnering with only the best in the world and this has always been our forte. Our solar products are no exception: Inverter controls come from KACO, smaller PV systems come from Zeversolar, which is owned by SMA, a German leader. TIGO, a leading optimizer comes from a US company. PERLITE Panels carrying standard certifications such as UL, CE, VDE, IEC, CEC, TUV, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 are also from the US.” 

Clarion International Ltd. CEO Dhananjaya Bandara Dela stated, “Our unique expertise and leadership in energy have derived from our 32 years of partnership with these global specialists. Energy solutions have to last a very long time and therefore highest quality and standards are prerequisites. I am proud that we have delivered this to over 1,200 leading organisations since our inception.”

Sharing his views on the company’s solutions, Solar Power Manager Kishow Mahendran stated, “The majority of our global partners all boast of over 100 years’ expertise in technological innovations and are leaders in their respective field. Further Clarion has work with them for decades. “Solar Power Systems need to keep powering your home or business for a lifetime and you need genuine warranty that you can count on. Would you accept a 25 year warranty from a company that has not been an ‘energy expert’ nor has a ‘long track record’? Or would you prefer the warranty from a company that has both: A leader in the energy industry as well as a solid track record of over three decades? This is why Clarion stands out from all the competition and youcan have the utmost confidence in Clarion’s 25 year warranty.” 



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