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Sujan International unveils range of soya products

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Sujan International has introduced a range of soya products to the Sri Lankan market. Strawberry soy protein milk is there for young children, 40+ vanilla is for the young executives, soy protein coffee for the whole family, soy protein faluda shake is healthy fun food for all, and one minute breakfast soy oat sesame is really a healthy convenient option for all ages.

Soy protein milk contains all the amino acids. Your body assembles these amino acids in to new proteins, including antibodies, essential for immune system function. The structural proteins hold your tissues together and enzymes that help your cells produce energy. Each cup of soy protein milk provides nearly seven grams of protein. Soy protein milk helps boost your calcium and iron from your diet to maintain dense and strong bone tissue. 

Without it your body draws on your bones as a source of calcium. A cup of soy protein milk has a calcium content of 330 mg. Your daily requirement is around 700 mg. The iron in soy milk helps your red blood vessels function properly helping ensure that all the tissues throughout your body gets the oxygen they need. A serving of soy protein milk provides nearly 3.3 mg of iron. Soy protein milk provides B complex vitamins more than your daily need. The amount needed is 2.4 mg per day. Soy protein improves your lipid profile significantly, lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels and increases and increases good HDL cholesterol levels. It strengthens blood vessel integrity. Omega3 and omega 6 in soy bind to the blood vessels defend your cells from free radical attacks and cholesterol deposits. Soy protein milk promotes weight loss, prevents cancers and prevents osteoporosis. After the age of 40, it is good to go for a plant milk which is cholesterol free to maintain overall health and wellness safeguarding heart health, kidney health and bone health, whilst contributing for memory power which enhances one’s performance in work and which is a grave problem in old age. Bone health and memory power greatly apply to the young generation.

The only plant milk available in this modern day is soy protein milk that tastes just like dairy milk, even though many nut milks are available with rice milk in Asia. This soy protein milk tastes just like dairy milk in tea and coffee. Plant milks do not contain antibiotics, hormones involved in commercial production in many dairy milk products.


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