HAC seeks information on pig fat tainted imported milk powder allegations

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  • Files RTI application with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce 
  • Requests details of complaints, lab tests, etc. that prove or disprove such allegations 
  • Says its reputation harmed by allegations and hence independent verification needed 


The Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Ltd. (HAC) has filed a Right to Information (RTI) application with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce seeking information to verify allegations that milk powder imported or sold in Sri Lanka contain pig fat or porcine.

HAC has filed the RTI application under Section 24 of the Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016. 

The information sought by HAC include the disclosure by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce details of all complaints received by or in its possession pertaining to the allegation that milk powder imported or sold in Sri Lanka contain pig fat or porcine and details of such milk powder.

The HAC also wants all scientific reports and/or credible reports or information received by or in the possession of the Ministry in this connection.

The other details that the HAC has requested through the RTI is all information pertaining to any tests of analysis carried out by the Ministry which have provided any positive findings indicating that some or all of the milk powder imported into Sri Lanka are tainted with pig fat or porcine as well as what measurers have been taken by the Ministry to verify the authenticity of such reports.

The HAC said that prior to granting the Halal certification for milk powder, the Council carries out its own analysis and tests on these products in order to be fully satisfied that there is no trace of pig’s fat or porcine in the milk powder imported to Sri Lanka. The HAC said that even after the certification is granted, it carries out further tests with the assistance of accredited international laboratories to reconfirm their findings.

The HAC said it is seeking information from the Ministry in view of the serious implications that have arisen and due to the grave and irreparable damage done to the Halal certification given by the HAC due to such allegations.

HAC is a not-for-profit organisation duly incorporated under the Companies’ Act No. 7 of 2007 and is engaged in carrying out the internationally accepted compliance audits for Halal standards in Sri Lanka, to ensure that Halal certificated products in fact comply with applicable standards and regulations, in order to be certified a Halal product.

HAC said that allegations of imported milk powder containing pig fact and porcine has damaged the credibility of the HAC and caused pain of mind and anguish to the members of the public and hence it was seeking the relevant information from the Government authority to dispel these concerns.