Post-mortem on UNP defeat

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 23:42 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}

I believe no post-mortems are necessary on the causes for defeat of the UNP candidate as the reasons were very clear seeing the bickering at the very first post-election meeting of the UNP hierarchy held earlier this week.

Although at the election the party leadership apparently decided under pressure to back Sajith Premadasa, it is very clear to the public that the party’s senior leaders have pulled in different directions.

It is simply disgusting and extremely sad to see the thoroughly in-effective, stubborn, and self-centred leadership once again failing to take the party to victory despite visible positives during the few weeks prior to the election. 

It is a well-accepted practice in the democratic world  that when an election defeat is experienced by a party there is a change in the leadership and new and fresh faces come to the forefront, giving an opportunity to  strong party supporters to regain confidence and continue backing the policies. Unfortunately in the case of Sri Lanka we have witnessed just the opposite of such a situation over the last two decades or so.

The present Leader having faced defeat after defeat continues to hang on to his position despite clear messages from the hardworking young party supporters wanting a change of leadership. This is a very big curse our country is experiencing in the hands over those having controlling interests in the party.

This country very urgently needs the UNP as well as the SLFP (now with the SLPP) to become stronger and ensure the democratic systems in the country will prevail.

The pending General Election will have another opportunity for the people to select corrupt free individuals to the Parliament. The people I sincerely hope have not forgotten the disgraceful behaviour of those in Parliament in the recent past – the way most of them treated public assets within the chamber and brought to disrepute the position of the Speaker by virtually manhandling and preventing him from conducting business in a peaceful manner. In this respect the media should replay those TV clips that we witnessed at that time.

I strongly recommend to the people not to vote for any of those people to the new Parliament.

Let us hope that whatever party that gives a guarantee to take action against corruption of the recent past irrespective of which party or individual committed is looking forward to the new President to give priority to his undertaking which he made on this subject at least for the sake of the present and younger generation.

At least now without hesitation the party should compel the present Leader to summon a meeting of the general membership in order to form a strong working committee consisting of young enthusiastic members who have displayed courage and determination during the campaign.  The working committee should definitely leave out those with corrupt backgrounds carrying personal ambitions and individual animosities.

I sincerely believe that the new President, although having committed to implement many progressive ideas, will need a strong Opposition to ensure he works towards fulfilling his program of work in the interest of our country.