Doing bigger and better

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When I say this to my colleagues, many misinterpret it as working for a bigger enterprise with better perks. Well, that is not what I mean. This truly is a confusing and opportunistic statement.

During the three decades of my entrepreneurial experience around the globe, from getting start-ups off the ground to managing international conglomerates, it has been evident that challenges exist in every enterprise.  

The role of the leader is to make a positive impact on the enterprise. The question is, can you always do that? Is it much easier in SMEs? How do you make that happen? Well, you can always do your job, but the true leader is a person who will make an impact on both sides of the coin – namely the organisation and the employees. Sometimes it is not easy to change enterprises, however there is always a secret recipe which can vary from one enterprise to another. As mentioned, a true leader’s job is finding out what works best for the enterprise – the reason being, there is no simple formula to fit all. Nevertheless, it is evident that changes are easier in SMEs since the enterprise structure and engagement strategy are much simpler at every level.

Let me get to the point; what are bigger and better challenges for a leader? For me, bigger stands for considerably large challenges that pave the way for a sustainable future for the enterprise as well as the individual, while better stands for the solid opportunities that generate higher returns. 

A leader can be more successful in achieving goals when the rest of the organisation feels that the positive impact is inevitable. Here is where my recent discussions at the ‘Talk the Walks’ forum comes into play – disruptive innovation! 

A leader can make a positive impact on an enterprise faster and more meaningfully when the leader is a disruptive innovator. The biggest question will be, “Can you do disruptive innovation in large enterprises?” 

Here is where I will be very careful answering the question because it would be hard to generalise. It is possible, but it is much more practical and impactful when the leader has the authority and ability to empower. In my engagements with successful leaders, I have found that the SMEs have an environment more conducive to disruptive innovation than the corporate world of large enterprises.

To summarise, the point I’m trying to make is simple. When I say bigger and better, it refers to meaningful challenges and priceless opportunities. A leader should have disruptive thinking to be successful in these circumstances, but the chances of being successful in such situations is higher in SMEs than in large enterprises as large enterprises may not always provide such conducive environments. So, doing bigger and better refers to challenges and opportunities, certainly not bigger enterprises or better perks! Be brave, do not fear to fail.

One last point, you should develop your disruptive thinking and the right level of delegation when you try bigger and better! I feel this topic deserves an open conversation, which I wish to continue in the future. Stay tuned. Let’s make 2020 bigger and better!

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