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Workshop on how to use GS1 Standards in managing supply chains

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The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce together with GS1 Lanka will hold a workshop under the title ‘Understand Supply Chain through Global Standards’ which will explain to participants on how to use GS1 standards, the most widely used supply chain system in the world as a common language.

 The full day seminar will focus on delivering knowledge to participants on the use of GS1 system in the supply chain operations to resolve business challenges, assure compliance, enable interoperability, provide visibility and improve supply chain management of the companies of the participants.

 The course will be multi-industry focused, critical for merchandise exporters and will explain the technology required for the use of GS1. It will also explain the simplicity, accuracy and the cost effectiveness of the GS1 system.

 The seminar to be held on 7 March, 2017 will have Terry Papadis who is an international expert on Supply Chain and Logistics Industry as the resource person. At present he leads the GS1 Australia’s team of education and training. Interested to take part, register yourself by calling 11 5588882 or email satheesha@chamber.lk

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