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Unity Mission Trust conducts leadership programs in Chillavathai and Udayarkaddu

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The Ekamuthu Oray Makal Unity Mission Trust (UMT) recently conducted a series of leadership and youth empowerment programs in Chillavathai and Udayarkaddu, for a total of 400 youth leaders from the area. The Unity Mission Trust commenced operations in May 2009, in an effort to foster unity, integration, healing and reconciliation amongst the youth in the north of Sri Lanka and their peers across the island. 

Through dance, art, music and oratory studies and activities, the Trust promotes learning and develops self-belief in the youth, whilst empowering them to find and embrace their unique skills and talents. By working together, the youth learn more about each other’s beliefs, traditions, cultures and religions and they also have the opportunity to learn more about their similarities, their common values and shared interests. The programs also help to build confidence in the youth and reinforce that each individual has significant potential and has a role to play in contributing to their community, society and country at large. 

As part of the learning experience, which creates lasting bonds of friendship between the youth, the Trust now also provides training sessions that raise the youth’s awareness of the detrimental impacts of alcoholism, drug abuse and pornography. The training sessions also address the sexual rights of each individual and advise how youth can prevent and report cases of sexual abuse and violence. 

Governed by a Board of Trustees, Unity Mission Trust has conducted 23 large scale programs across Sri Lanka, and nearly 6,500 youth have absorbed the Trust’s message of unity and integration. The core beliefs of the trust are four-fold. First is the belief that all youth are equally valuable and important sons and daughters of one mother, Sri Lanka. The second belief is that the youth are the main treasure of the country and need to be groomed and developed into confident and able leaders. Thirdly, the Trust believes that the future success of a new Sri Lanka, rests on the shoulders of a united youth and finally, the Trust firmly believes that uniting youth from diverse backgrounds, is a critical to ensuring that Sri Lanka has a brighter future. 

The Unity Mission Trust also undertakes educational scholarships for hand-picked students who have achieved significant academic success. The scholarships are offered across nine Regional Councils throughout the country. The Trust has also set up a National Youth Leadership Council to help facilitate the scholarship program and the various activities of the Trust. The flagship event that the Trust organises is its annual four-day residential Unity Camp which is held for up to 550 student leaders from across Sri Lanka. The next camp will be held in Jaffna from 24 to 27 October. 

Following decades of war and conflict that divided the country and its people, the Unity Mission Trust has played an instrumental role in uniting youth across the island and building bridges of mutual trust, respect and understanding between them. The friendships that have been formed through the Trust will pave the way for the emergence of a new generation of young leaders who have the insight and passion to build a peaceful and prosperous nation. 

The Trust welcomes the support of volunteers and corporate donors, who are willing to share their time, skills and resources to help develop the mind-sets of Sri Lanka’s youth and groom them into future leaders. 

You can obtain more information about the Trust at www.unitymission.lk or on Facebook (Unity Mission); you can also follow the Trust’s activities on Twitter @unity mission or call 0768360103 for more information. 

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