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Axienta transforms business through sales force automation

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In today’s high-tech world’s sharp wave of competition, small, medium to large enterprises struggle to maximise their customer-base and secure existing ones. A major concern among most services and industries is effective data management that plays an essential role in rapid business growth, in terms of productivity and profitability.

Today, every sales force team has to face new challenges including increasingly bigger and better competition and more dynamic deals. Many companies worldwide have begun to understand that it is essential to deploy Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems as an integral part of their administrative and CRM efforts, as it will empower them with effective management of people and sales data.

Offering this service in Sri Lanka, Axienta, an innovative Sri Lankan entity headed by Manju Fernando provides an integrated mobile platform for SAF solutions to organisations in world wide, to maximise revenues, cut operational costs and effectively manage sales opportunities. Its flexible customisation allows companies to easily configure the application to match their own unique sales methodology or sales process.   Manju Fernando (MBA-University of Edinburgh) the co-founder of the company, has over 18 years of experience in the ICT industry and has held a series of key management positions that include; Millennium Information Technologies co-founder, and emPriseIT founder and Managing Director, a wireless software solutions company based in New Zealand providing enterprise mobile solutions to leading Fortune 500 companies .

Speaking of their main brand ‘Vantage’, Fernando pointed out that there were many strategic advantages offered by this Platform. It included accurate sales forecasting features, that enables evaluating trends in competition, defining effective business strategies and helping sales managers to monitor and control their sales team and track potential leads.  With the aim to nature and help companies to assess the overall productivity, it had led many companies currently using this system in Sri Lanka to reduce costs and increase sales revenue and market share by close to 100%.

These organisations include those in the FMCG sector, pharmaceuticals, real estate, healthcare and the telecom industry.

Fernando also explained that another benefit of this system is that it enables sales persons to share sales data with the management at all points. The instant communication allows them to use the given information while it is still valuable.

Sales staff benefit from the readily available and updated product information that can be accessed through their company’s central database helping them to close a sale immediately and convert leads.

Through this system a salesperson always knows how many open leads they have, the age of the lead, a full history of contacts and when and how the next contact should be made. They will know, of existing clients, their needs and follow up steps.

This can actually increase the sales person’s ratio of selling time that can be best utilised in generating more qualified sales leads. In addition, when it comes to increasing or achieving a desired level of customer satisfaction, the inputs from the system can be used to develop a product or service that matches or exceeds customer expectations.

In a market where the quality of customer experience is increasingly a fundamental differentiator, this kind of advantage will provide an immense opportunity for most of the companies to gain and maintain and edge in their industry.  The system also helps in distinguishing your most profitable customers from the problematic ones, helping the management to forge even more performance-driven and customer-satisfying strategies. Endorsing these comments University of Edinburgh Business School Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Geoff Gregson stated: “The architecture of ‘Vantage’ reduces risk. It essentially, allows companies to manage a contract’s lifespan by shortening approval cycles, renewing contracts sooner and offers a comprehensive overview that allows you to track ROI on marketing campaigns, traffic levels, lead conversion ratios, content effectiveness, and more.”

He also said that “However, perhaps the biggest benefit with ‘Vantage’ is that the salesperson gets unparalleled support without impacting support staff. It is akin to having a personal assistant 24/7 who never makes a mistake and this kind of benefit cannot be over stated.

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