The inevitability of change

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MY3’s 100 days and the ‘Chinthana’ Even a cursory reading of the ‘Mahinda Chinthana – Path to Success’ bears out in no uncertain terms the recognition of that basic unchallengeable fact that ‘change is inevitable’. The manifesto is full of a variety of changes that the ruling incumbent President promises to bring to fruition.  Among them, the more enlightening are – teaching the world about national security, introducing a foreign policy that is ‘steadfast’, giving food security pride of place, introducing a good governance program in accordance with the ‘Indo-Lanka philosophical heritage’, collective democracy and civil administration, freedom of expression and assurance... 

Presidential candidates overlooking our biggest minority group!

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It is a real tragedy that even after several valiant efforts the manifestos of the presidential candidates seeking our votes fail to recognise the country’s biggest mino rity group – a huge voting base when their families are also added. The inevitable accidents, debilitating illnesses, wear and tear of the body, etc., not forgetting the end to 30 years of war, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, caste, physical shape, have already robbed not less than 20% of our population of their abilities to see, walk, climb or even stand steadily, whether that be to a greater or lesser extent, whether permanently or temporarily.                   This... 

Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy

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By Sarath De Alwis The ‘Executive President’ system and the new electoral process that masquerades as proportional representation have, to my mind, effectively devalued Parliament, deprived it of many of the limited powers it had and made it more difficult for it to reflect the real and shifting trends of opinion among the people. The task of bringing Parliament back to the people and making it a real instrument of the people’s will is likely, therefore to be settled elsewhere – Pieter Keuneman , in ‘Looking Back without Anger,’ an article to mark the opening of the Parliamentary Complex in Kotte. The headline is borrowed from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s notebooks. It is appropriate... 

Of gratitude, political prostitutes and political pimps

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The most enlightened, most noble Ven. Galaboda Gnanasara Thero, the General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organisation, had a mouthful to spew at former Justice Minister and Sri Lanka Muslin Congress (SLMC) Leader Rauff Hakeem recently. He called him a political prostitute. The most “eloquent” Gnanasara Thera said that Rauff Hakeem had defected to the opposition at the presidential elections in 2005 and 2010, however, later joined the Government once again. This, according to him, makes Rauf Hakeem a political prostitute. The term prostitute commonly conjures sexual connotations regardless of the context. None would use it unless filled with strong hatred. Also coming from a member... 

Choice at elections: Rationally ignorant people will decide the final outcome !

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Electors who do not read manifestos Just three more days to go for the election of a President, this writer asked a group of acquaintances whether they have gone through the election manifestos of the two main contenders to the post before they made their choice. The answer was a resounding ‘nape’.   How voters make choices at elections or behave after elections is not unusual or atypical of Sri Lankan voters   A similar question was posed by this writer to a group of middle level public servants two years after the previous Presidential election that confirmed the incumbent President in the post for a further term: Had they gone through ‘Mahinda Chinthana II,’ containing a... 

15 fittings for 2015

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A brand new year is ahead of us. As usual, people tend to have New Year resolutions. My suggestion is to go beyond resolutions, to have specific reinforcements. For that, I would like to suggest 15 fortitudes leading to focused action, especially with Sri Lankan managers in mind. As usual, I have this tendency to brand them. Let me call them ‘15 Es of Excellence’. Excellence is all about being exceptionally good. When applied to enterprises, it involves exceptional achievements in a consistent manner     Excellence through 15 Es Excellence is all about being exceptionally good. When applied to enterprises, it involves exceptional achievements in a consistent manner. For that to... 

Corruption is rife in several sectors: Dr. Harsha de Silva

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Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa is carrying out projects initiated by Ranil Wickremesinghe in 2003, United National Party Parliamentarian Dr. Harsha de Silvastressed. “What the Defence Secretary is doing is taking ad hoc projects from the Singaporean plan that Ranil Wickremesinghe came up with in 2003 and implementing it. They are just paving it with red bricks and saying we did it,” asserted de Silva. He also spoke about immediate measures needed to be taken to resurrect the country and revive its economy under a new administration. Following are excerpts from the interview:   UNP MP Dr. Harsha de Silva       Q: We are a few days away from the presidential election.... 

Leading into 2015: Are you ready?

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Introduction The jury is still out if the business environment in 2015 is going to look very different from 2014. To make sure you get the most out of your people in the months to come, it’s not a case of disregarding all your existing talent management experience and practices in favour of a completely new way of leading. Most leaders have the skills to deal with this brave new world; it’s just a case of learning how to put them into practice in a new context. So as we move into 2015, let’s take a look at the top lessons to take with us from 2014.   Most leaders have the skills to deal with this brave new world; it’s just a case of learning how to put them into practice in a new... 

A good chairman is a rare gem

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A good chairman (I am using it to encompass both sexes) is arguably the most important person in a company, in some ways similar to the conductor of an orchestra. The ultimate quality of a classical music concert is perceived to be in the hands of the conductor. Von Karazan is so famous, as classical music enthusiasts want to listen to their favourite music performed by an orchestra conducted by Karazan. However, he does not play a note on any instrument! But he takes a bow at the start and the applause at the end. A chairman is also like the manger of a first division soccer team. Sir Alec Ferguson has not kicked a ball in the field for Man U but Sir Alec is rightly given the credit for the... 

My New Year’s wish: A change of status quo

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Why I wish for a “change of guard” Frankly (and in a few words), I am utterly disgusted with what I see! From such a promising future that was so easily within our grasp with the defeat of terror in 2009, we have done everything but capitalise on it; and even at the risk of being tagged a non-patriot, I not willing to allow a regime to remain simply out of “gratitude”!   We will be eternally indebted to President Rajapaksa for leading us with unparalleled political defiance during that period, thus paving the way for the ensuing military victory by our valiant forces; unfortunately though, the administration has failed miserably thereafter to manage the country according to democratic... 

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