Unlawful arrest and deportation of British tourist

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A close look at the series of illegal steps taken by law enforcement authorities Naomi Michelle Coleman, a British tourist with wide travel experience in many Buddhist countries, who had a large tattoo of the Buddha and of a Hindu God on a lotus flower on her right arm, arrived in Sri Lanka on 21 April. She passed through Immigration counters, came out of the airport to the Arrivals Lounge and came out of the main arrival building. She responded to the media before being deported and disclosed what happened to her at the time of arrest: A taxi driver had approached her and said that her body art would be a problem. “I said I’ve come twice before with the tattoo and that if it’s offensive,... 

5th anniversary of May 2009: Blocked transition to sustainable peace

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I write from a particular standpoint (derivative and illustrative of a distinct worldview), best delineated by a critical observer rather than by myself. Izeth Hussein, literary critic and former Ambassador wrote in ‘After Geneva, What?’: “Between 1995 and 2000, and even more during the years of the peace process, the widespread assumption was that the LTTE could never be defeated militarily. There were very few dissentient voices against that conventional wisdom outside the armed forces and those identifiable as Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists. One dissentient voice was that of Dayan Jayatilleka, who consistently maintained that there was no reason at all why the LTTE could not be defeated... 

“Do not compromise yourself, your family or your values”

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Vice President – Business Development of Infotechs and Director of Infotechs Travels Ramya Weerakoon never planned on becoming a working mother, however she had no choice in the matter when she was compelled to take on the role of being her family’s sole provider due to a change in fortunes. Ensuring that her children were disciplined to be independent and confident at an early age and training them to be responsible supported the smooth functioning of her family’s daily routines and respective career demands and lifestyles. In an interview with the Daily FT, Weerakoon encourages women not to compromise themselves, their families or values for the sake of position, power, authority or benefits.... 

“It’s important to create an identity for yourself”

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Country Head for ACCA Sri Lanka and Maldives Nilusha Ranasinghe says she’s had days, months and maybe even years when the second work shift at home was more demanding than her work schedule in office, but insists that looking back, she wouldn’t anything differently. “There were days that I was pushed to think that balancing the two roles was overwhelming, but I always believed that there were better days ahead. This thought process actually kept me sane when juggling the role of a working mum and a mother,” she says, in an interview with the Daily FT, adding that it is important to make a life of your own and create an identity for yourself. “The only thing to remember is to have a... 

“Life’s just too short to play small with your talents and potential”

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Co-Founder and CEO of zMessenger Jayomi Lokuliyana firmly believes that life’s just too short to play small with your talents and potential and her conviction that she could greater things and make a mark led her to becoming an entrepreneur while raising her children, seeing the opportunity both presented to “fulfil a greater purpose in life”. “I have always believed capacity is a state of mind. In other words, how much we can do depends on how much we think we can do. When you believe you can do more, our mind gets conditioned to look and think creatively on how we can achieve it,” she asserts, in an interview with the Daily FT. Following are excerpts:   Q: Why did you choose... 

“It’s not about being a perfect mum or perfect career woman”

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Managing Director of Hemas Transportation Sector and Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Kasturi C. Wilson always wanted to be a career woman. While she stepped back and chose part-time work when she became a mum for the first time, becoming a single mother was big turning point, at which she chose to get into full-time work in order to provide a better life for her two sons. “Women in general have a great ability to multitask and compartmentalise their lives. I was blessed to have great employers right throughout my career who understood that my priority was my kids, but appreciated the value I brought to the table,” asserts Kasturi, in an interview with the Daily... 

“Life is a challenge whether you’re a man or a woman”

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HDFC Bank Chairperson Siromi Wickramasinghe says her key inspiration as a career woman is the work-life balance she has achieved over the years. “From a family perspective, my children have grown up to be very responsible and have become professionals in their own fields. The secure life together as a family has given me a sense of fulfilment in my life. From a career perspective, I am proud of my achievements both as a woman and as a professional. To that extent the achievements are many,” she affirms, in an interview with the Daily FT. Pointing out that you must balance your personal life in order to achieve the goals you have set at your work place, Siromi asserts that life is a challenge... 

“I always saw myself as a career woman”

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Neela Marikkar always saw herself as a career woman and considering anything else was never an option. “Women sacrifice a lot to be a homemaker. But it’s important to remember that children will eventually leave and go their own way. You should not have to look back and wonder where you could have been had you stayed in the work place and built your career,” she asserts, in an interview with the Daily FT. Neela certainly didn’t settle along the way and as a result of her hard work and commitment, she has many achievements to her credit. The Chairperson and Managing Director of all the Grant Group companies, she is also a Past President of 4A’s, Charter President of the IAA, and a recipient... 

“Learn to balance not only your work, but also your soul”

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Society should seriously consider if they need children raised in a safe and healthy environment, says SANASA Development Bank Chairperson Samadanie Kiriwandeniya, pointing out that women need to take care of the household economy, protect their children from all types of ills, and play the role of the citizen. “They raise future citizens and they should be taken care of by society, not because they are recognised as a ‘weak sex,’ but because they perform an indispensable role to sustain communities,” she emphasises, in an interview with the Daily FT. As a working mother, Samadanie, who possesses senior management experience in the field of participatory development, gender issues management,... 

“Have a ‘never say die’ attitude”

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Insurance Board of Sri Lanka Chairperson Indrani Sugathadasa Weeratunga entered the work force in 1997 when she joined the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and her career trajectory over the years has been nothing short of impressive. She has held several senior positions, including as the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs and Ministry of Plantation Industries, and was also the Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC). Blessed with “enormous support” from her family and by planning her day meticulously, prioritising the demands of work and the family, she says she was able to avoid most issues faced by working mothers... 

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