When the monarch left Ceylon…

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By D.C. Ranatunga Among my treasured possessions as a stamp collector is the souvenir sheet and the four stamps issued to mark the first anniversary of independence. Having being under foreign domination for over 400 years since the Portuguese landed in 1505 followed by the Dutch in 1656 and the British (1796), Sri Lanka gained independence on 4 February 1948 – 65 years ago. However, even such a historic event was not commemorated with the release of a stamp. It was only a year later that a set of Independence Commemorative Stamps was issued.  Read More →

Embedding freedom in Sri Lanka

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An Independence Day gives fresh hope for a brighter futureBy Uditha Jayasinghe “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” – Nelson Mandela Freedom is one of the most idealised words in the human vocabulary. Everyone cherishes it and aspires to have it, but few succeed in preserving it for future generations. These few direct history, for to believe in freedom is to hold the heartbeat of civilisation.  Read More →

Young entrepreneur highlights need to focus on e-marketing in Sri Lanka

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By Shabiya Ali Ahlam Q: How did EMarketingEye start? A: Back in 2001 I was working for a United Kingdom (UK) based e-commerce company that was set in the travel and tour trade. The company was more towards business development in general and was not online-marketing specific. I kept showing them opportunities for the company in online-marketing but I wasn’t heard so much. I was also travelling overseas for work at the time and having already recognised the opportunity the potential in such markets also confirmed. I thought ‘why not?’ and I went ahead with my instincts and the initiative was progressing.  Read More →

Strategy for democratic resistance, manifesto for change

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By Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka However bad things are in Sri Lanka today and however bad things may get, there is almost nothing that cannot be reversed in three years when elections come around. That election may however be the last chance at reversal of the negative aspects, preventing their cumulative growth from embryonic structure to stable system.  Read More →

Kantha calls on India’s neighbours to be part of collective growth story

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Emphasises that India-Sri Lanka relationship is special with strong mutual stakes in the partnershipFollowing is the address delivered by High Commissioner of India Ashok K. Kantha, at the Republic Day Reception at India House on Saturday Honourable Ratnasiri Wick-ramanayake, Senior Minister of Good Governance and Infrastructure of the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, honourable Ministers, honourable Members of Parliament, your excellencies, heads of diplomatic missions, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends, on the occasion of the 64th Republic Day of India, it is my honour and privilege to welcome you tonight.  Read More →

Does organised anti-Muslim hate campaign mean the Muslims are replacing Tamils as ‘new’ enemy target?

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By Tisaranee Gunasekara “This frenzy of stupidity…” – Ernst Toller (Wotan Unchained) Are we, the Sinhala people, so addicted to war, that we cannot do without one? Or are the Rajapaksas trying to manufacture a new threat and a new conflict as camouflage for their dynastic project?  Read More →

The empire strikes back

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By Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha Last week the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanetham Pillay, issued a critical statement by Sri Lanka. Unusually for the Ministry of External Affairs, there was a forceful rebuttal of this, written by the Acting Secretary Kshenuka Seneviratne.  Read More →

Riding Sri Lanka’s new wave

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By Kieran Nash BBC: There are not many places on Earth where travellers can surf world-class waves in the morning, have a close encounter with an elephant at lunchtime and be back in the water by mid afternoon. Arugam Bay, on Sri Lanka’s eastern coast, is one such place, and since the country’s civil war ended three years ago, the small town has been busier than ever – despite how hard it is to get to.  Read More →

Flu-conomics: The next pandemic could trigger global recession

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REUTERS: A high body count is not the only meaningful number attached to a pandemic. The potential cost of a global outbreak of the flu or some other highly contagious disease, however ghoulish to calculate, is essential for government officials and business leaders to know. Only by putting a price tag on such an occurrence can they hope to establish what containing it is worth. The financial damage by itself can be devastating. The expense of major epidemics is evident every time a health agency totes up the cost of treating infected people – the outlays for drugs, doctors’ visits, and hospitalisations. But that spending is only the most obvious economic impact of an outbreak. Consider... 

Lawyers’ Collective to fight on for independence of Judiciary

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The Lawyers’ Collective yesterday in a statement reiterated its resolve to restore rule of law, independence of the Judiciary and democracy itself, given the unprecedented recent developments threatening those core values and rights in the country. Following is the full statement:The Lawyers’ Collective has carefully considered the events that led to the removal of the Chief Justice. Our struggle to protect the independence of the Judiciary has entered a new phase, with the Government (the Legislature and the Executive) going through with a purported impeachment despite the determination of the Supreme Court and the writ of certiorari quashing same by the Court of Appeal.  Read More →

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