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Restructuring public sector debt

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Establishment of a State and Local Government Financing Fund (SLFF) By Damien Fernando Several State institutions such as the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Ceylon Electricity Board regularly complain about the non-payment of the debts owed to them by State sector institutions, State-owned airlines and the local government institutions. Obviously this is an impediment for the functioning of these institutions.  Read More →

Forward-looking macroeconomic policies for Asia and the Pacific

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By Dr. Noeleen Heyzer The recently-launched 2013 Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific of ESCAP is forecasting subdued growth of 6% for the region in 2013 – up from 5.6% in 2012. Although highest amongst regional growth rates, this is considerably lower than the pre-crisis level and the level achieved immediately after the crisis in 2010. ESCAP fears that this subdued growth may become a “new normal” if uncertainty in the developed economies continues. This may translate into an estimated output loss for the Asia-Pacific region of $ 1.3 trillion by 2017.  Read More →

Religious tensions in Sri Lanka

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By Gulbin Sultana Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses: Sri Lanka is currently in grip of religious tensions between the Sinhala Buddhists and the Muslims. Pepiliyana, located nine kilometres away from Colombo, has been bearing the brunt of the violence, with mobs led by monks selectively attacking Muslim business establishments like Fashion Bug on 28 March 2013. These attacks were seemingly carried out as a sequel to the ongoing attacks on religious places and hate campaigns against Muslims and other religious minority communities in the country.  Read More →


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Two hundred million kavum, kokis and a zillion propitious thoughts accord the New Year a rousing welcome. There’s no account of the bottles downed as islanders aren’t done yet. We’d probably know when everyone is eventually back at work.  Read More →

Professor Patrick Mendis speaks on the ‘Chinese Dream’ and ‘American Destiny’

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BEIJING, China: At the end of his two-month long study and lecture tour in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy invited Professor Patrick Mendis to speak about President Xi Jinping’s idea of the ‘Chinese Dream’ and emerging US-China relations. The new catchphrase that resonates with the ‘American Dream’ has been sweeping across China since Xi took office.  Read More →

Economist Intelligence Unit releases latest Sri Lanka – Risk Briefing

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Summary  The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were defeated by the Government in May 2009, with the top leadership of the group being almost entirely wiped out. In the short term, although Tamil separatists may still exist, they are not likely to prove much of a threat. This should allow security measures to be relaxed. However, the north and east will remain more violent than other parts of the country, and isolated separatist attacks cannot be ruled out.  Read More →

Banking system most prominent factor in march towards economic, social progress: Amunugama

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Following are excerpts of the speech delivered by Senior Minister for International Monetary Co-operation and Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Sarath Amunugama, addressing employees of National Savings Bank  Read More →

Faiszer Musthapha hails new legislation to boost revenue

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Following is the text of Investment Promotion Deputy Minister Faiszer Musthapha’s speech in Parliament last week when four bills dealing with State revenue came up for debate and vote Hon. Speaker, I am privileged to speak when four bills dealing with the revenue mechanism of our country is being debated. As you know, these bills primarily deal with increasing the revenue chargeable on the said documents. Some of these laws deal with the revenue as at year 1902; for example, the Bill to amend the Power of Attorney Ordinance (chapter 122).  Read More →

CPC conundrum

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Following are excerpts of an interview with Daham Wimalasena, former Chairman of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation: Q:  What are your views on the recent price increases?  A: Price increases are inevitable as fuel prices must be increased with increased crude oil prices. Around 92% of the fuel prices are determined by crude oil prices. However, the fuel price increases within the last 10 years cannot be fully justified. The prices of crude oil cannot be controlled, but there are the other cost factors which could be controlled. This Government has failed to do so. In fact they have aggravated the problem.  Read More →

Death of Rizana: Some food for thought

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by Amyn Chatoor I refer to the print and electronic media articles on the above subject, with the above caption.  Read More →

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