Booming Sri Lanka beckons Big Apple!

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‘Booming Sri Lanka beckons Big Apple!’ was the title of the special report filed by the Editor of the Daily FT, following the ‘Invest Sri Lanka’ capital markets forum of CSE-SEC in New York, which had ended with record participation and strong interests. The Senior Minister for International Monetary Cooperation quoting the Dhamma Pada had said “come and see” to the prospective investors, whilst the Governor of the Central Bank had highlighted the Impressive results delivered under the present leadership. Ambassador Palitha Kohonna had listed why Sri Lanka should be the next investment destination for US firms. The CSE Chief had highlighted the opportunities in Lanka’s capital markets... 

Lean Six Sigma can transform services, development and government sectors

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Evolvement of Lean Six Sigma Lean thinking evolved from 1910 in the Manufacturing sector and Six Sigma made its name in the 1980s within Motorola. In the Manufacturing sector, Lean led to a number of operational improvement techniques such as 5S, Kaizen, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Just In Time, (JIT), Kanban and Gemba. Whilst the Manufacturing sector had the benefit of visual processes, the Service sector was unable to benefit from these tools to the same extent. Measuring services is complex The Service sector generally does not operate from large floor spaces arranged in large wide locations, like factories. Processes are not clearly visible and every service offering is different... 

R&D factor in industrial development

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University teacher unions (FUTA and others) have long argued that the Government must at least contribute 6% of the GDP for higher education. It is indeed an important factor that has a direct bearing on long-term economic planning. The Government of Sri Lanka must have development priorities to deal with certain requirements to attain the high growth rates. Long-term economic planning is an important aspect in taking the country to higher levels as global economic patterns keep changing and Sri Lanka should be ready to face the global economic challenges at any given time. Unpredictable though the global trade trends may be; but if there is a population with certain skill sets, and if there... 

Suppression in Sri Lankan society

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There was a news item in the media a few weeks back about a girl, namely Thilini Amalka, delivering a series of slaps to a young man at the Wariyapola bus stand. The incident was videoed and published on the web by a freelance journalist. This resulted in several web comments, especially by men, criticising Amalka’s act, saying that she has done it excessively. Subsequently she was arrested by the Police, produced before the Judicial Medical Officer to examine her mental condition and then produced before the magistrate. She was later released on Rs. 50,000 surety bail. Her Attorney Lakshan Dias of Rights Now Collective for Democracy was of the view that the action taken by the Police was... 

18th Amendment and cabbages and kings

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“Disorder was the order of the age, ideas a precious food; with humour always dressed in tears, crunching a red apple. Disorder flashed vivid as a fire in a far-off village, a wan wind blew in the crumbling castle” – Takashi Tsujii (Age of Disorder – New writing in Japan)   It is emblematic of today’s Sri Lanka that we are left uncertain and confused even as to whether the incumbent President is entitled to contest for the post a third time. Not that Sri Lankans are strangers to constitutional quibbling, uncertainty or confusion. In fact the whole scheme of affairs in this country seems to be designed to keep the people guessing as to what is in store for them each day and every... 

What Sri Lanka should know about China’s new economic dynamism

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By Anushka Wijesinha – IPS “China is still a developing country. We must give top priority to economic development. Only development will deliver progress. Ultimately, only development will resolve all the problems in China.” These were Premier Li Keqiang’s words at the start of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of New Champions (AMNC) 2014 held in Tianjin, China, last week, and would no doubt resonate well with the current policy orientation of the Sri Lankan Government as well. Listening to his speech and interacting with delegates on the sidelines of the meeting gave a fantastic insight into the ongoing policy shifts in the Chinese economy and the underlying dynamics driving... 

Outcome once unthinkable would be very tragic for Great Britain

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Scottish referendumI am in Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland, the second most populous city in Scotland and the seventh most populous in the United Kingdom, where all attention is focused on whether 7% of the UK population will take a decision of serious consequence for the 307-year-old union that can have tragic economic and political consequences for what remains of Great Britain. Strengthened and tested by the Industrial Revolution, the carnage of two world wars, it is a union that has been strengthened by the varying resources and talents of complementary identities within the Union. As political unions go, it has been a remarkably successful one. Therefore, it would be tragic if the... 

Managing talent: Board’s perspectives

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Summary In today’s challenging economy and hypercompetitive business environment, CEOs and senior executive teams are facing enormous challenges when it comes to achieving and sustaining breakthrough operating results. The intensifying war for talent, globalisation, economic change, more stringent regulation and tougher governance make realising shareholder value increasingly difficult. But, there is a tougher challenge: identifying and developing new leaders which is critical for developing the sustainable competitive advantage for the organisation and its eventual success. Talent management and retention is perennially at the top of a CEO’s most pressing worries. A company’s leadership... 

What happened to Sri Lanka?

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Being actively involved in the growth agenda of Sri Lanka in the private and public sector at policy and operational level, I was quite disappointed and surprised on the recent ranking of Sri Lanka in the World Competitiveness Index released by the World Economic Forum. Sri Lanka had slid from a commanding 52nd position way back in 2011 to a low ebb of 73 in 2014, which was strange when Sri Lanka’s absolute numbers are very attractive at 7% plus GDP growth and inflation as single a digit whilst poverty is at almost 5%, tourism crossing a billion dollars and stock exchange vibrancy continuing. SL – drops to 73 If we go into the details of the competitive index 2014/15, on the attribute of... 

China reaches out

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President Xi of China is scheduled to visit India and Sri Lanka. The Middle Kingdom of ancient times is asserting itself on the world stage. The current leaders of China are driven by a ‘manifest destiny’, a strategic view that China is destined to play a dominant role in their region and the world. Historically, from the time of the Emperors, China has considered the rest of the world, including its neighbours, especially those untouched by Chinese culture, as inferiors. For over 2,000 years, what is now called the South China Sea has been a meeting point for diverse cultures and for global trade. A more historically accurate name for that expanse of ocean would be ‘Malay Sea,’ since... 

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