Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Solutions for boat people

Published : 12:00 am  May 17, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  1 Comment  |  272 views  |  

Over 1,000 Sri Lankans who attempted to illegally migrate to Australia have been returned home, showing the effect of decisive actions. The once almost-daily reports of boats being seized off the coast have dried up, but 42 were caught on Thursday, showing that the need to effectively deal with economically-challenged people remains.  Read More →

The fight for water

Published : 12:00 am  May 16, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  409 views  |  

WATER is the source of life. Yet, around the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region, this precious resource is becoming a battleground. As more and more people combat droughts and floods, finding ways to use water sustainably becomes a riptide issue for many countries.  Read More →

SL making advances after years of fear

Published : 12:00 am  May 15, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  610 views  |  

Calls for New Zealand to support a campaign to have the Commonwealth heads of governmentmeeting moved fromSri Lanka should bedismissed, writes Aruna V. Abeygoonesekera. The Dominion Post: It was disappointing to read former Green Party MP Keith Locke’s article (NZ’s reputation at stake over summit venue, 3 May). Many Sri Lankan expatriates living in New Zealand have taken the opportunity to visit their ancestral homes, an opportunity denied to them for so long. Both Sinhalese and Tamil Sri Lankans living in New Zealand have travelled back to Sri Lanka after the end of the war and expressed to me the absolute joy of going back to their mother country without having to worry about... 

FDI dreams

Published : 12:00 am  May 15, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  749 views  |  

Sri Lanka’s government is bouncing with confidence over the country’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) prospects but they still need to make the big deals happen in a transparent way that benefits all the stakeholders of the economy.  Read More →

ACCA unveils competency framework for complete finance professionals

Published : 10:51 pm  May 14, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  732 views  |  

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) introduced an interactive checklist of competencies recently, which business leaders require from aspiring finance professionals. Based on a survey conducted with more than 500 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), the report titled ‘The complete finance professional 2013: Why breadth and depth of finance matter in today’s finance function,’ identifies the key areas that CFOs look for in the finance function.  Read More →

Asia’s public services failing the needy

Published : 10:51 pm  May 14, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  514 views  |  

New Delhi, India: Public services in developing Asia’s are frequently failing to reach the needy, says a new Asian Development Bank (ADB) study which recommends improvements to avoid a further widening of the region’s already sharp divide between rich and poor.  Read More →

Piecemeal solutions

Published : 12:00 am  May 14, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  633 views  |  

EIGHT public enterprises that have made over Rs. 3 billion in losses will either be liquidated or restructured under public-private partnerships, Parliament was told last week. This will come as good news to many, but steps to rein in other institutions remain in the shadows.  Read More →

A few good men

Published : 12:00 am  May 13, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  364 views  |  

Numbers count, especially when it comes to money, which is why rolling back corruption has become one of the biggest issues for Sri Lanka. Last week, the arrest of the Deyata Kirula Chief Executive Officer (CEO) grabbed headlines and underscored the long road that the country still has travel on before it can become financially accountable. For now the best hope is for a few good men who listen to their conscience and act as whistleblowers.  Read More →

Self-serving policies

Published : 12:00 am  May 11, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  698 views  |  

UNFAIRNESS and wastage are a regular part of Government policy making, it would seem, as new plans are being revved up to give duty free vehicle permits even to former provincial councillors regardless of the fact that Rs.57 billion has already been lost in public funds through such moves.  Read More →

A case beyond a class

Published : 12:01 am  May 10, 2013  |  Category: FT VIEW  |  Leave a Comment  |  388 views  |  

AN exasperated Speaker has decided to hold classes to teach Members of Parliament the basics of decorum when they are seated in the House. This is clearly a long-overdue move, but the public would argue not enough given the deplorable shenanigans that take place not just in Parliament but also at provincial council level.  Read More →

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