Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sri Lankan CEO saves life at 34,000 feet

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While on a return flight from a conference on emergency medical services in Malaysia, the CEO of Falck in Sri Lanka, Donnie Woodyard Jr., had the unique opportunity of reviving a fellow passenger who went into sudden cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. The Malaysian Airlines flight on 7 February from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo had been quite uneventful until it was just one hour away from Colombo, when the elderly passenger stopped breathing and collapsed.  Read More →

People’s power: Participants speak up

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Rohini Weerasinghe: A woman’s security and right to life is a fundamental right. Showing violence against women is showing violence against humanity. A misogynist society cannot sustain itself. I rise in the interest of our own survival and human race.  Read More →

CES 2013: The health and fitness gadgets coming your way

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From a fork that tells you when you’re eating too fast to a skin patch that constantly monitors your vital signs, there was plenty of exciting kit on show in Las Vegas The Consumer Electronics Show, an annual innovation showcase which brings over 100,000 industry professionals to Las Vegas and fills 172,000 square metres of convention floor space, is traditionally a cornucopia of gadget prototypes for couch potatoes.  Read More →

All rise to end violence against women

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By Rashika Fazali This Valentine’s Day, there will be a lot more to it than just the celebration of love. There will be a revolution, a global rising, a stand to end violence against women. It will be a day of unity amongst women and the men who love them to strongly oppose gender based violence.  Read More →

IHB inaugurates first hair and beauty educational workshop in Jaffna

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The Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians (IHB) took the initiative in taking another step forward in terms of boosting the professional appeal of hair and beauty culture when it held its inaugural workshop in collaboration with Sunny and Shears Hair and Beauty Academy, Jaffna.  Read More →

Novel and refreshing

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It was most refreshing to pick up some attractive tourist brochures and booklets from the ‘Virama Mandiraya’ down the Southern Expressway about which I wrote last week. They are different to most brochures we had gotten used to seeing, released by the State authority promoting tourism. Among them were several promoting different aspects of our culture and natural resources.  Read More →

Diet fizzy drinks make you 60% more likely to get diabetes than regular, ‘full fat’ versions

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Diet fizzy drinks can raise the risk of diabetes by 60 per cent, startling new research has revealed. A study of more than 66,000 women found those who drank artificially sweetened drinks were more likely to develop the disease than those who indulged in regular, ‘full fat’ versions.  Read More →

Handmade with love

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By Rashika Fazali The season of love is Monica de Lanerolle’s favourite and finest season of them all. For her, making a card is personal and an absolute expression of love. “If it’s Valentine’s, I am over the moon!” she exclaimed.  Read More →

Change your views on dining in Colombo!

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The Kingsbury’s seafood restaurant The Ocean is committed to serving only the freshest of produceWelcome to the most amazing seafood restaurant in the southern hemisphere, and that’s without factoring in the atmosphere, the live cooking spectacle, the sea spray, the sound of the waves and the briny winds.  Read More →

Enjoy up to 15% savings, pay in 15 monthly installments at Abans with American Express

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American Express is offering Cardmembers super savings at any Abans showroom island-wide till 28 February 2013. Simply use your American Express card and receive up to 15% savings on a variety of products. What’s more, purchases can now be settled in 15 monthly installments, a benefit exclusively for American Express Cardmembers.  Read More →

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