Nations Trust Bank launches ‘Embrace Nature’ project

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For Nations Trust Bank, safeguarding nature has long been a top priority. Urged by a finely tuned environmental conscience, the bank has always sought to strike a balance between corporate success and its responsibility to the environment.  Read More →

Playwright par excellence

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In the backdrop of the prevailing Pusswedilla passion as the next instalment readies to go on stage on Thursday, the Daily FT sat down for a chat with charismatic and multi-talented Actor, Director and Playwright Feroze Kamardeen. While Feroze says that no matter what happens Pusswedilla always emerges as “the hero of the piece,” if you really think about it, it’s Feroze who is the actual hero of the piece – the man who brought us Puss and so much more, given his astounding achievements in theatre over the years  Read More →

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier: More than just chocolates!

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Geared to serve corporate clients and perfect for private partiesBy Cassandra Mascarenhas Gerard Mendis, over the decades, has established himself as culinary connoisseur and is a name synonymous with exquisite handmade chocolates, made with the finest ingredients. It is the knowledge of his skill and mastery of flavours that has made Colombo’s gastronomes flock to his first eatery in Colombo, located at Horton Place.  Read More →

‘Amazing Amazon’ exhibition in Sri Lanka

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With the support of the Cultural Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, and thanks to the donation of a series of photographs of the young Colombian artist Nicolás Van Hemelryck, the Embassy of Colombia will present the ‘Amazing Amazon’ exhibition from 6 to 9 June 2013 at the Barefoot Gallery in Colombo.    Read More →

Charcoal: Food for the soul!

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The quaint café down Hotel Road is a mix-bag of excitementBy Cheranka Mendis The best way to describe Charcoal is ‘homely’. A little café on the side of Hotel Road with jazz music playing, walls full of paintings, books to read, yellow gerberas on the table and big windows showing the world roll by, Charcoal Gallery Café is the ideal pick for anyone looking for a quiet break in Mount Lavinia.  Read More →

The lions that barged

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By Sohan Ratnaike Barge to Hell 2012, a metal festival of five days on a cruise ship, organised by Ultimate Music Cruises Inc, which in my opinion carries toe to toe with the best in the business such as Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock and Hellfest, was held last December and featured an absolutely mind-blowing line-up.  Read More →

‘Viva La Diva!’

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The Bridgetine Past Pupil Choir Contempo readies to delight diva style, while paying tribute to internationally-acclaimed female artistesBy Cheranka Mendis The wind that greets visitors at the gates of St. Bridget’s Convent these evenings is full of soft notes and sweet melodies. Tugging at the heartstrings of those who enter, the wind carries the harmonies of 22 voices training hard to emulate the favourite picks of divas they love and adore.  Read More →

Ragnarok: A musical cause for our friendly paw’d

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This is an event which brings about the destruction and natural cycle of prominent Norse gods and lays way to a new fertile world in their wake. While this event is still left to Odin’s will, another with the same name took place.  Read More →

Loon Tao wins prestigious TripAdvisor 2013 Certificate of Worldwide Excellence Award

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Now among top 10% of best performing businesses worldwide on TripAdvisorTripAdvisor prides itself as the world’s largest travel community, with more than 32 million members and over 75 million reviews and opinions of hotels, resorts, restaurants and tourist attractions.    Read More →

In the footsteps of the Buddha

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By D.C. Ranatunga I had the rare privilege of witnessing a Buddhist ordination ceremony by Ajahn Brahmavamso at the Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre in Perth last Sunday during Vesak celebrations. At a simple but impressive ceremony attended by monks and nuns along with a large number of lay devotees, Tom Anderson, an Australian national, was admitted to the Order as a ‘samanera’ – novice monk.  Read More →

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