‘My Friend’ project and Angelo Mathews enrich lives of children

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Provide over 200 children with school supplies The Hameedia Group and Angelo Mathews, Captain of the Sri Lanka Cricket team, have once again partnered with the ‘My Friend’ project to donate school bags, water bottles, stationary, books and lunch boxes to over 200 school children in need. The ‘My Friend’ project is an initiative by Hameedia which supports less fortunate children across the country. Mathews and his wife along with the Hameedia team visited children from four different schools and encouraged them to work hard towards their dreams and goals. The school children selected to receive the supplies came from Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu schools including Dharusalam... 

Contemporary ballet at Alliance Française de KOTTE with Seneka Abeyratne

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Seneka Abeyratne will conduct contemporary ballet classes at AFKO on a regular basis for children (eight to 14 years) and adults (minimum age 15). The classes will commence in early October and be held every Thursday, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (children) and from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (adults). Information on registration may be obtained by calling AFKO/Reception at 011-2055255. The AFKO premises are located at 11, Keppetipola Mawatha, Colombo 5 (opposite the Police Grounds). Abeyratne recently conducted an intensive workshop on ‘Contemporary Dance for Ballet Dancers’ at the Deanna School of Dancing. The workshop, one of the core items of the French Spring Festival (Printemps Français 2014),... 

Johnson Baby shares the ‘Language of Love’

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As part of their celebration for International World Children’s Day, Johnson Baby dedicated a special day for children, hosted at The Fun Factory in Nawala, as they brought together adults and children alike to share their love and happiness. The event will be featured as a special episode on Johnson Baby’s television program, ‘Aadaraye Palamu Padama’ (First Lessons in Love) hosted by celebrity mom Yehali Sangakkara which will air on ITN on 5 October, at 5 p.m. Johnson Baby invited children between the ages of three to five from Mallika Children’s Home and families who are friends of Johnson’s Baby to be a part of this special program. The children enjoyed a great variety of activities... 

Museum with a difference

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What was once a rare and luxury item is today one of the commonest and cheapest. As youngsters it was our dream to own one. Out of those who possessed one, not many liked to let us use it. Today with a tremendous surge in mobile phones, almost all users carry one either in the pocket or the handbag. The camera is such a common article. Of course, for those who want a more complex one, the range is so wide. To walk through the Camera Museum located in a two-storey pre-war house in a rather isolated street in Georgetown was a fascinating experience. The collection is so vast and it’s an unforgettable journey through a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. A poster explains how since ancient... 

Gamini, the unforgettable

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  By D.C. Ranatunga It’s late evening on Thursday 30 September 2004 – exactly 10 years ago. I am driving. I get a call on my mobile phone. “Have you heard the news?” a female voice at the other end asks me. “What?” is my immediate reaction. “Gamini Fonseka has died. Can you do a piece for Plus by tomorrow morning?” It’s The Sunday Times Features Editor Renuka Sadanandan. Though shaken by the news, I respond: “Shall do.” Back home I pulled out my collection of articles and notes of the Arts column I had done for the Sunday Observer and The Sunday Times. No columnist on Sri Lankan cinema could avoid writing about the country’s leading actor, review the films he acted... 

Bridal Fair 2014

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Bridal Fair 2014 was held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention (SLECC) from 19 to 21 September, showcasing services and products for weddings and brides in particular – Pix by Kithsiri de Mel  Read More →

‘Classic Rock Sundays’ at El Rancho

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“I just want to play the music that I love and make a living off it,” says Lasith Fernando, the front-man of Angel Down and the organiser of ‘Classic Rock Sundays’ at El Rancho, the latest addition to Colombo’s vibrant live-music scene. If you’ve taken a stroll around Colombo’s pub circuit of late you will have noticed that Sri Lanka has quite an incredible wealth of musical talent. But the chances are that you would have also noticed how most of the live music being played sticks to a certain generic formula. But the boys from Angel Down seem to think that they have a valid alternative. “You know, I pay my bills as a freelance writer and marketing consultant, but my first and... 

Chris Benjamin displays ‘Enchanting Hues’ in first solo exhibition

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Chris Benjamin will showcase her inaugural solo exhibition of paintings, ‘Enchanting Hues’, on the 27 and 28 September at the main hall of the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery. The collection showcases her work with different media such as oils and acrylics. The uniqueness in her collection lies in the fact that each piece of art is embedded with her unique stamp of creativity, which is not limited to one single technique. This creates something distinctively appealing to all lovers of art. Speaking of her style she states: “The striking dissimilarity running across my collection is itself my own style.” This individuality of hers has been much appreciated at many occasions, the most recent... 

School leavers to join in nation’s dengue battle

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Aquatain and school leavers to the rescue By Fathima Riznaz Hafi Taking the battle against dengue to the next level, the Public Health Department has come up with two new lines of attack. It is embarking on two pilot projects, one being the spraying of marshes with a silicone-based liquid and the other is the involvement of school leavers in their mission. In an interview with the Weekend FT, Public Health Department Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni elaborated on their plans and said that he is hopeful that the two pilot projects will bring the numbers down. Use of marshes “Now we are embarking on a new project,” Dr. Wijayamuni said. “We are doing a trial with marshes. Marshes... 

Vietnamese refugee now State Governor

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The Vietnam War fought five decades ago saw an influx of refugees to Australia. Many fled Vietnam from the new communist regime. They came in boats just as it happens today though in much larger numbers then. Amid the chaos and as thousands of Vietnamese tried to flee the communists, a 22-year-old man left on an asylum boat voyage to Australia. That was 37 years ago. He made Australia his home. Recently he was sworn in as Governor of South Australia. Hieu Van Le arrived by boat to Darwin in November 1977as a refugee with his wife and about 40 other people. He joined the University of Adelaide and obtained an MBA and an Economics degree. He was a senior investigator and manager with the Australian... 

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