The Old Joes’ Choir: Continuing to ‘Evolve’

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St. Joseph’s College Colombo has been a pioneer in choral and spiritual music presentation in Sri Lanka since its inception in 1896. In recent times under the baton of Francis Almeida, the Josephian School choir has gone on to perform on the international stage as well, being very well received at performances held in the Holy Land and the Vatican The Old Joes Choir (the ‘OJC’) was originally formed in 1997 as a meeting place for alumni of St. Joseph’s College who share an undying passion for choral music. A majority of the members have been a part of various college choirs from a very early age and thus are very versatile and experienced in the discipline. Since then the choir has evolved... 


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The good old land monitor (Varanus bengalensis) or ‘thalagoya’ is an animal treated with much indifference. Most suburban households in Sri Lanka have these critters walking about their garden or sunbathing on their roofs. I find these resilient lizards very interesting as not only do they do us a service by eating the rats and snakes in our area, but are also harmless unless provoked and generally adapt well to urban environments. The Bengal monitor has been said to reach nearly 175 cm with a snout-to-vent length (SVL) of 75 cm and a tail of 100 cm. Males are generally larger than females. Heavy individuals may weigh nearly 7.2 kg and obese captives even more and the males grow to greater... 

Calvin and Hobbes: Icky little boys and their enduring appeal

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I grew up on tales of icky little boys. Tales of our older brother who had unfortunately matured to less rambunctious activities by the time we were old enough to take note of what was happening… tales of Dennis the Menace… tales of William Brown… My own father had grown up reading Richmal Crompton’s William Brown and Hank Ketchum’s Dennis the Menace. Consequently we were introduced to their antics at a very early age. Young girls, they say, will outgrow their crushes. And you can only have one ‘True Love’ in a lifetime. They were wrong. I would like to confess my undying love and fascination for three males who have heavily influenced my life. Too bad they are all fictional: Dennis... 

LTL and DWC team up to try and rehabilitate Rambo

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Recently, there were indications that Rambo, the familiar elephant who frequents the Udawalawe bund, would become a threat to people and there were some tentative thoughts of translocating him. However, the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) decided to put up boards, warning the public not to feed this elephant and informing that this a punishable offence. In this manner it is hoped that Rambo would ‘grow out’ of this habit of soliciting food from passersby, when there is no positive reinforcement. LTL Projects Ltd., one of Sri Lanka’s leading, internationally-acclaimed electrical engineering companies, readily came forward to sponsor the construction of 12 boards to be erected along... 

The Gratiaen Prize 2013 winner to be announced today

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The winner of The Gratiaen Prize 2013 will be announced at a final awards ceremony today, 24 May. The Gratiaen Prize, presented in affiliation with Standard Chartered Bank, is awarded each year to the best submitted creative work in English, written by a Sri Lankan writer resident in Sri Lanka. Both published works and unpublished manuscripts may be submitted. This year the shortlist was made up exclusively of poetry and the shortlisted works for the Gratiaen Prize 2013 are: ‘This Nothingness’ – a collection of poetry, in manuscript form, by Inosha Ijaz ‘A Patchwork Soul’ – also poetry, in manuscript form, by Chamali Kariyawasam ‘Edges’ – a collection of poems, published by... 

Life-size wax statue exhibition in Colombo

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Sri Lanka’s one and only wax statue sculptor Athula Herath together with his son Mahima, who have made life-size creations of several popular figures, opened their maiden life-size wax statue exhibition in Colombo at the Art Gallery on 9 May, with Minister Basil Rajapaksa participating as the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony.    Read More →

‘The Australian’ reaches 50

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Completing 50 years of existence of a newspaper (for that matter any institution) is a cause for celebration. ‘The Australian,’ the national daily in Australia completes 50 years on 15 July. The celebrations have already begun fifty days in advance – in a very meaningful manner. The theme is ‘50 Years in Fifty Days’. Last Saturday’s ‘Weekend Australian’ launched the Special Anniversary Series with an eight-page supplement. Until 15 July, the newspaper will carry a special section recalling the great front pages, the best work of the cartoonists and revisit the big events of the year, ‘Establishing the national agenda across all fields – breaking news and leading debate’... 

Yashan releases new single

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One of the finest hip hop, R&B and pop artistes in the local music scene, Yashan released his newest single this week on the radio and web. Following are excerpts of an interview with him on his new endeavours:     Q: What’s your new single all about? A: The title of the song is, ‘I Want It (Uh La La)’ and it is an up-tempo song with house music elements. We are dishing out a brand new music genre in Sri Lanka with this genre called ‘synthpop’ also known as ‘electropop’, or ‘technopop’. It suits people who would like to listen to up-tempo music, go out, explore, feel and enjoy life. The song has a set of simple lyrics but it’s energised with a super-catchy... 

The Russian Film Festival on from 28 to 30 May

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The Russian Centre in Colombo’s Russian Film Festival will be held at the National Film Corporation Cinema Hall from 28 to 30 May. Film shows will start at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.     28 May: Belka and Strelka: mischievous little family Animation – Russian computer animated TV series Release: 2011 Directed by: Andrey Rubetskoy, Ekaterina Shabanova, Alexei Nekrasov Summary: Continuation of the famous story of “star” team of dog astronauts. Children of Proteins and Kazbek Charming Dean, Rex and nerdy bully Bagel dream to get to the spacecraft, as well as their parents. On the long path to the great goal of a mischievous little family waiting for funny situations, that challenges... 

Buddhist way to good governance

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The world-renowned meditation master Ajahn Brahm, as he is fondly known, is a Cambridge University graduate in Theoretical Physics. He got ordained in Thailand 40 years ago when he was 23. He is presently the Abbot of Bodhinyana (forest) Monastery near Perth, Western Australia and Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. He will be in Sri Lanka for Poson Poya. The highlight of his visit will be a full day Dhamma program at the BMICH on Sunday 15 June   By Ajahn Brahmavamso The oldest multinational corporation in the world is the Buddhist Sangha. As it happens I have the franchise in Western Australia where I am the ‘managing director’ of Bodhhinyana Monastery... 

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