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Jaffna Fort foray

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By Sarah Hannan Born during the time of the conflict, I never had the opportunity to visit the Northern Province as a kid. I had heard so much about Jaffna from my maternal grandfather who had frequented the district during his tenure at the Ceylon Government Railway and was determined to pay a visit to the peninsula at some point. When I was requested to head north for an assignment recently, I jumped at the opportunity and planned my route to Jaffna immediately. With another important task assigned in the area I had limited time but still scouted around the satellite view of the peninsula for interesting places to visit. I was quite intrigued by a star fort which distinctively stood out from... 

Embark takes Adoption Day to Kandy

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Kandy’s ‘pashionable people’ – the Odel term for fashionistas with a passion for dogs – will have an opportunity to help their own street pooches this February, when ‘Embark’ conducts its first Adoption Day in the Hill Country capital. More than a dozen healthy bundles of gambolling canine joy will be waiting to find kind homes on the top floor terrace of Kandy City Centre on Saturday, 8 February at Embark’s first Adoption Day programme outside Colombo. The event takes place from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. All of the dogs up for adoption have been rescued off the streets of Kandy and vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper and Parvo and the females among them have been sterilised. They... 

Rediscovering Fort and Pettah

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By Tashiya De Mel Spend an enchanting afternoon in the company of Mark Forbes, together with Trekurious and exploring the capital city as you seek out historic colonial treasures.  The tour is a great way to discover Fort and Pettah and all of its hidden secrets with a great host like Mark, who is able to lucratively peel off the history, beauty, and heritage of seemingly ordinary places. The walk begins at the reformed Dutch Hospital, which once served as a residential, elitist, and commercial complex during the colonial era.  As we stroll past the former hospital and fall onto Chatham Street, Mark tells us that the street once served as a busy canal, transporting goods between cities. A string... 

‘Making history’ through art

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CAB explores the dynamics of art and history through contemporary aesthetics By Cheranka Mendis Art transcends beyond boundaries. It creates and builds not only things of beauty, but entire thought processes – fashioning cultures, leading revolutions, constructing spaces for individuals, societies and nations to grow and prosper. Art is a powerful and unique tool, illustrating the kaleidoscopic emotions, realities and at times, the fantasies of the human mind. The theme With the theme of ‘Making History,’ the third installation of Colombo Art Biennale 2014, a.k.a. CAB kicked off its 10-day program yesterday with installations in seven locations – JDA Perera Gallery, Lakshman Kadirgamar... 

Navajeevana launches children’s books to promote disability awareness

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Joining forces with acclaimed children’s author and illustrator, Kala Keerthi Sybil Wettasinghe, Navajeevana has turned their focus to the children of Sri Lanka, in the organisation’smission to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities as equal participating members of a non-discriminating society. Three books will be published in all three languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English, and are brought to life by the world-renown illustrations of Wettasinghe.  The book launch held on 30 January at The Kingsbury was with the aim to raise awareness and obtain sponsorship for the placement of these books in libraries throughout the country. Founder and Chairperson of Navajeevana Kumarini... 

Tribute to Walagamba The King of Elephants

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The mighty tusker Walagamba named after the great king is the largest tusker/elephant I have ever encountered. It is difficult to explain how immense this elephant truly is unless he stands next to another of its own kind. He towers above the females like a colossus and my estimation is that he is at least 10.5-11 feet at the shoulder. The first encounter with him was during my first visit to Kalawewa during August 2011. It was the dry season and the waters of the great lake have receded, resulting in the sprouting of green grass on the lake bed. These succulent grasses are a boon to the elephants who visit this lake every year. The Kalawewa herd is unique in the fact of the high number of tuskers... 

‘Villy’ the elephant in the villu

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By Srilal Miththapala Visitors to Wilpattu National Park would be familiar with ‘Villy’ the ‘vill-aliya’ often sighted in at Panikka-villu and Tala-villu. He is a big, tall male, possibly about 25-30 years of age, in prime condition with the only blemish being a damaged tail without tuft hair, possibly broken off in a fight with another elephant. Villy stays submerged in the villus for most parts of the day, patiently pulling out the succulent weeds growing in the water, which he continually eats right through the day. The most intriguing and interesting characteristic of Villy that is clearly seen is a heavy white de-pigmentation of the end of his trunk, earning him the nick name ‘the... 

National Crafts Council participates in Surajkund Intl. Crafts Mela

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The Surajkund International Crafts Mela will be taken place at Harayana NewDelhi from 1 to 15 February 2014 with a large number of national and international participants and a huge audience. The organisers of this Mela expect an audience of around six to eight million people for this occasion and this is therefore a great opportunity for Sri Lankans to gather new information on modern world tourism as well as to introduce our local crafts talents and food methods to the foreign audience. This occasion will be filled with a large number of talented handicrafts persons of India and various other countries including Sri Lanka. The National Crafts Council of Sri Lanka has already spent Rs. 3 million... 

Men Without Shadows on the boards next week

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How would you handle the pressure of finding yourself in a situation where your actions will influence the lives and deaths of people close to you who believe in and fight for the same cause as you do? There are two obvious choices in a situation such as this. You either save yourself, or sacrifice yourself for the greater good. But which choice would you make? That is the question that will be taken up on stage in Stage Light & Magic’s latest theatre production ‘Men Without Shadows’, Jean Paul Sartre’s existentialist drama, which will be on the boards from 7 to 9 February at the Lionel Wendt. Sashane Perera will be directing it and promises to take a more realistic approach to his... 

Embark moots physiotherapy for street pooches

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The adage that dogs are just like humans was perfectly emphasised when veterinary physiotherapist and lecturer, Beth Roberts from Harper Adams University UK, recently visited Sri Lanka to conduct extensive treatment for Embark’s hospitalised pooches. Having realised that the sick and disabled dogs at the hospital can benefit greatly with apt physiotherapy, just as humans benefit from this science, Embark says it has, since early 2012, left no stone unturned across the globe in its quest for a veterinary physiotherapist who would create the added dimension of scientific rehabilitation for the canines under the care of the hospital. A promising email in August 2013 eventually heralded the visit... 

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