Acoustic guitarist and singer from London Spencer Maybe at Loon Tao and Tsing Tao

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Since its inception, Loon Tao has been celebrating Christmas and New Year Season in style; consecutively, year in, year out, they have been getting thousands of satisfied diners and guests from around the world thanks to tourists and expatriate Sri Lankans visiting friends and family. This venue is considered to be the place to be on the beach during the Christmas and New Year season. This year is set to be even more extravagant. Loon Tao and Tsing Tao at Racecourse Building Colombo 7 will have Spencer Maybe (an acoustic guitarist/singer) performing live throughout December and January from 7 p.m. daily and is sure to win the hearts of the young and old due to his versatility. Great entertainment,... 

Dharshan Munidasa honoured for dedication to Japanese cuisine

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Having worked over the last 20 years to promote Japanese cuisine and its philosophies in Sri Lanka, Dharshan Munidasa’s efforts were recognised by the Japanese Government, as a recipient of the Minister’s Award for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food on 21 November 2014. This official distinction from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries was awarded to Munidasa for his outstanding contribution towards the popularisation of Japanese cuisine in Sri Lanka at a special commemorative ceremony held at the Capital Hotel in Tokyo. He also has the distinction of being the first South Asian recipient of this award and the second youngest. The Minister’s Award for Overseas Promotion... 

Seylan Bank launches first-ever online art gallery

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Being the pioneer and leader in innovative social and digital media marketing in the banking industry in Sri Lanka, Seylan Bank has launched another innovative platform for the kids of the country to showcase their talents. The first-ever online art gallery was launched at the Seylan Tikiri Kids Art Award Ceremony which was held on 6 December. The kids’ art competition was hosted by the Seylan Bank Facebook page initially coinciding with World Children’s Day in order to create a platform for the youngsters of the country to showcase their talents. Children from two years to 12 years had taken part in this competition and finally 80 selected Tikiri kids were rewarded at the ceremony. The specialty... 

MINNIE: Curated, curious fashion

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Minnie is a vivacious new brand that offers a curated range of fashion, from clothing, jewellery and handbags to really anything in between. Deeandra Bulner’s designs are bold, one-of-a-kind and are sure to make a statement. Combining contemporary techniques with traditional forms of art and fashion and whatever else comes to mind, Deeandra’s unique pieces have been nothing short of a hot favourite since she launched her Facebook page a few weeks ago. Minnie is 99% homemade and handmade, and draws from Deeandra’s love for design and sustainable fashion. She also focuses heavily on sourcing local fabrics, incorporating local crafts and using unusual materials into her designs. Following... 

‘Lest we forget’

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War memorials reminding everyone that war heroes should not be forgotten are a common sight in all big cities in Australia. It’s a way to remember thousands of Australians who sacrificed their lives during several wars in the last century. They fought for the British Empire. They served in the two World Wars (1914-18 and 1939-45), Boer War (1899-1902) and the Vietnam War (1955-75). In the coastal city of Geraldton in the mid-west region of Australia a little over 400 kilometres from WA capital, Perth, we visited a war memorial with a difference. It is the memorial for the World War II cruiser HMAS Sydney II recognising the loss of the cruiser along with a crew of 645 aboard. At the time... 

Staying fit in Colombo

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In addition to giving you a confidence boost every time you pass a mirror, a healthy and fit lifestyle has many benefits, from giving you energy when you need it, to protecting you against harmful illnesses. If recharging, rejuvenating and warding off excess fat make your cup of tea, Colombo does offer a plethora of options for staying fit and healthy. Here’s a list of activities you can try out.   1. Gyms Finding a well-equipped gym for a reasonable membership fee is not an easy task, but it is not an impossible one. Colombo, surprisingly, does have a number of good gyms you can join. Let’s start with the hotel gyms that offer membership to outsiders.   Taj Samudra: Taj, by far,... 

All about the old days

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Meeting old friends is always so pleasant, particularly seeing those living in faraway places. During a recent visit to Melbourne I spent a day with bosom pals – the Weeraratnes – Neville and Sybil. Both are painters; Neville’s track record going back to the days when he was a member of the ’43 Group. Both continue to paint, Neville more than the wife. My contact with Neville dates back to the mid-1960s when both of us were attached to the Observer Editorial. On Saturdays both of us used to stay late into the night till the City edition of the Sunday Observer was ‘put to bed’. One unforgettable night was the historic ‘Landing of the Moon’. With no television or other IT facilities... 

CIC, SL B&B Platform and BEAR seminar shares sloth bear research findings

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CIC Holdings PLC, in partnership with the Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity (SL B&B) Platform and Biodiversity Education And Research (BEAR), recently shared the findings of their year-long study conducted on the Sri Lankan sloth bear in Wilpattu National Park. The project was funded by CIC and implemented under the supervision of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) with the guidance of Prof. Devaka Weerakoon from the Department of Zoology at the University of Colombo. The findings of the study were presented at a seminar led by Ranil Nanayakkara, Principal Researcher and Co-founder of BEAR, and a documentary was presented by Nilantha Vishwanath, Co-founder of BEAR. The seminar... 

Indu’s ‘Here For A Fit-On!’ at the Wendt this weekend

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Indu Charmasena’s ‘Here For A Fit-On!’ is on at the Lionel Wendt Theatre on 28, 29 and 30 November from 7:30 p.m. Dr. Premjith Suwadena is a famous doctor especially among the fairer sex, and he has planned to meet up with his new girlfriend, Sumi, at his good friend Maithree’s place. Maithree, a famous dress designer has very graciously offered his place while he is away for this romantic tryst. Expecting to have the place all to himself, the good doctor comes in to find Bandu (Maithree’s assistant) there, down with the flu. First problem: Bandu. Second problem: The doctor and Sumi are married, but not to each other and it is vital that no one knows about their clandestine meetings.... 

Bird Educational Exhibition from 3 to 7 December

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Held at University of Colombo by Field Ornithology Group; to provide guidance to public on birds and bird watching The Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) will host its annual Bird Educational Exhibition from 3 to 7 December at the University of Colombo with aim of providing guidance to public on birds and bird watching. The exhibition, named after prominent naturalist late P.B. Karunaratne, will have many exhibits and information panels on birds. Several workshops will also be held on different subjects from 4-6 p.m. during each of the exhibition days. A field visit to Thalangama tank on 7 December morning and an evening birding session at Wetland Park at Nawala too will be held, especially... 

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