Fishing and bird watching on Kalametiya Lake

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By Tashiya De Mel There is so much more to fishing than simply throwing your line into the water and waiting to catch a large fish. It is an engaging activity that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and become physically active at the same time. While it was never one of those activities I saw myself trying out, fishing on the beautiful Kalametiya Lake definitely changed my entire outlook. Sunil, a fisherman from a nearby village, agreed to take us out onto the lake and show us the ropes. We began our journey at the lagoon, which is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of isolated beach. We all managed to squeeze into Sunil’s traditional fishing boat, a narrow, elongated wooden canoe type... 

Succulent seafood in the south

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The Crab at Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is a cosy hideaway serving up a wide flavourful range By Cheranka Mendis Dedicated to the splendour of seafood and the delicious signature preparations of one of Asia’s most-sought-after delicacies – crab, The Crab at Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is a cosy hideaway that serves a wide range of flavours that is sure to have you craving more. Tucked away on the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka, Chaaya Tranz gives out a boho-chic feel with its engaging and energetic colour palette, embracing its guests with luxurious comfort. Keeping to the theme, The Crab is a cosy hole-in-one part of the hotel that is plush in its decoration, yet giving out a warm and comforting... 

The Queen’s cup of tea

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The Queen – England’s Elizabeth II, of course – drinks a cup of tea every day sharp at 5 p.m. She makes it herself. This was revealed in a feature in a recent issue of WA Sunday Times on ‘Health secrets of the Royals’. Though it’s not mentioned what type of tea she dinks – green or black – (or the brand), the article quotes an accredited practising dietician describing the merits of tea. “Tea – particularly green tea – has a high concentration of antioxidants, or polyphenols, which research shows contributes to the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease,” Lauren McGuckin says. “Rather than a single cup, aim for five to six. Go decaf if need be,... 

Flower power!

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By Shabiya Ali Ahlam Most of us dream of following our passion, but only a few of us dare to turn those dreams into reality – for it takes courage to boldly step out into the unknown in pursuit of our passion; it takes courage to try without letting dreams die. Young floral artist Dhanu Tennekoon is one such person. Not only was Dhanu successful in capturing and sustaining steady employment at one of Sri Lanka’s leading IT firms, she also manages to make a living by doing what she loves the most: flower arrangement. In her early ’20s, Dhanu is a proud young entrepreneur who singlehandedly operates and manages ‘theflowershop,’ an online flower shop. The youngest in a family of four,... 

YMCA Bak Maha Ulela 2014

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The 2014 YMCA Bak Maha Ulela was held on Saturday 19 April at the Colombo YMCA Gymnasium conducted by the Friends Organisation. The program attracted about 50 children. This year it was held with the usual fun and frolic and events such as the wheelbarrow race, bursting of balloons, placing the eye on the elephant, lime and spoon race, kana mutti, etc. Every Saturday the Friends Group along with the Youth Department of the YMCA conducts sessions for the children at the Colombo YMCA Gymnasium from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and this has been a weekly ‘looked-forward-to’ event by the children. The weekly program consists of games, art, handwork, lectures, talks etc and special programs are held on... 

MLH’s Chef Publis publishes world’s smallest book

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By Cheranka Mendis Creating yet another revolution in the kitchen department, Chef Dr. Publis Silva on Thursday launched the world’s smallest recipe book – ‘The Royal Meals of the Last King of Sri Lanka’ – containing recipes of the cuisine that was reportedly served to Sri Vikrama Rajasinha who ruled the country from the highland city of Kandy. Only 1cmx1cm in dimension and five milligrams in weight, the book consists of 42 recipes and research and studies conducted over a period of 27 years. Launched on his 77th birthday along with five other publications at his ‘maha gedara’ at which he has worked for the past 57 years, Mount Lavinia Hotel, Chef Publis noted that it was his love... 

The fans love him and he loves them

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Miscellany By Ranat Who says cricket is not the national sport in Sri Lanka? True – the officially declared national sport is volleyball but the game had never had the mass backing that cricket enjoys. The euphoria during and after the ICC World T20 2014 – and prior to that the Asia Cup 2014 – was ample proof of how much the people – young and old alike – love cricket. In the process one man stood out – Kumar Sangakkara. He had played well, he was Player of the Final and had announced his retirement – along with his pal Mahela – from T20 cricket. What a fitting farewell tribute the victory was! Much has been written about Kumar’s performance on the field. Equally he has been... 

Fun flying

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A personal experience with Captain Elmo By Srilal Miththapala I read with great interest Captain Elmo Jayawardane’s article entitled ‘Where have all the fun flyers gone?’ in a recent newspaper, which brought back some memories of my experience ‘fun flying’ with him. I got to know Elmo about 20 years ago, through a mutual, late and dear friend Phillip Cooray, former Deputy Editor of Straits Times, Singapore. I developed the friendship over the years, visiting Elmo in Singapore whenever I could, when I was on business visits there. I came to realise that this well loved and respected Senior Singapore Airlines Captain, was actually still a good old Moratuwa boy at heart,  who still ... 

Day of remembrance

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In the run-up to 25 April, Australians were preparing for ANZAC Day which is the solemn day of remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought and died at Gallipoli in 1915 during World War I. It is also a day of remembrance for all soldiers who died while fighting for their country. It is celebrated on 25 April each year, regardless of on which day it falls. On 25 April 1915, the combined Australian and New Zealand Army Corps joined the Allied Forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula for a catastrophic battle that lasted until January 1916. Of the more than 130,000 casualties during the Gallipoli Campaign, 8,709 were Australian and 2,721 were New Zealanders. Over 25,000... 

Right royal welcome

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Royalty is a big daw in Australia. So it has been a right royal welcome for Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge who are currently touring Australia. Massive crowds mainly women and children gather in their hundreds to greet the couple wherever they go. The couple go up to the crowds and talk to them, fondle the children and receive gifts. Both print and electronic media are full of news and pictures of the royal visit. Apart from the main cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, they have visited lesser known places as well. Particularly their visit to the territory of indigenous people in Central Australia would be a memorable one. They watched sunset at Uluru, described as... 

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