Top 10 Sri Lankan experiences

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   Colombo Galle train view When giving advice to friends visiting the beautiful island I call my home, I have to stop and think carefully. There is so much to consider, especially because Sri Lanka has so much to offer and it really depends on a few key factors: what time of year you come, what your interests are, and how much time you want trekking between sights. Instead of coming up with a list of must-see tourist spots, I have put together a selection of must-do Sri Lankan experiences. This focuses more on the little things along the way, the things you will probably end up doing without trying, that are quintessentially Sri Lankan and will add to the charm and memories of your... 

Industrial expo at BMICH

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An exhibition of rubber, plastics and manufacturing is being held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo.  It commenced last Thursday (14) and will end today  Read More →

WNPS lecture on ‘Conserving Sri Lanka’s Native Freshwater Fish’ on 21 August

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The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society’s monthly lecture for August will be delivered by Prof. Devaka Weerakoon, titled ‘Conserving Sri Lanka’s Native Freshwater Fish: A Far Greater Challenge than Meets the Eye’. Professor Weerakoon graduated from the University of Colombo in 1985 with a major in Zoology. He received a Fulbright Scholarship in 1988 to study in USA where he has completed his MSc. and PhD. at Illinois State University. In 1995 he returned to University of Colombo and worked as a conservation biologist. He is also technical advisor for the Red Listing program of Sri Lanka from 1996 to date. At present he also serves as the technical advisor for the Ministry of Environment... 

When the Chamber of Commerce was young

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By D.C. Ranatunga For any organisation to be in existence for 175 years is a proud achievement. That is what the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has achieved. Inaugurated on 25 March 1839, it celebrated the milestone recently. Although initial records are difficult to gather, the progress after the first 15 years or so is well documented. At the initial stage there had been just 10 subscribing firms. It was literally ‘kopi kale’ – a common term used today to indicate when referring to old times. Coffee was the major crop that was grown at the time in addition to cinnamon. The name of Joseph Rad has been recorded as the first Chairman of the Chamber. The initial work of the Chamber has been... 

Murdoch sees the future newspaper: A big expanded digital one

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A glossy magazine to mark the 50th anniversary of ‘The Australian’, the national newspaper, was issued with the weekend issue of the paper recently. The well-compiled ‘50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition’ features the newspaper magnate Rupert Murdoch, founder-proprietor of ‘The Australian’ holding a reprint of the first edition, on the cover. “In the basement of The Australian’s head office in Sydney are kept the giant bound volumes of every edition of the newspaper’s early decades; the daily discussion of a nation’s life. Stocks rise, companies fail, plays are lauded, prime ministers are booted out, footy teams make heroic comebacks, students rebel”, the opening paragraph... 

120-year-old WNPS steps into the future

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“The history of wildlife protection in Sri Lanka is synonymous with that of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka…” The Wildlife & Nature Protection Society (WNPS), at 120 years old (est. 1894), is one of the oldest conservation organisations in Asia. It has been at the forefront of numerous important and critical milestones in conservation in the island. The founding of the earliest Game Reserves in 1899, the formulation of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance in 1938 and the formation of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) in 1949 were direct results of the WNPS’ work with the Government of Sri Lanka. In more recent times, in the 1970s, the WNPS... 

The art of cuisine with Michelin starred Chef Florent Boivin

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Experience the pinnacle of haute-cuisine with world renowned, Michelin starred Chef Florent Boivin at Water’s Edge. Trekurious in partnership with Water’s Edge gives you the opportunity to experience the art of cuisine and the pleasures of the table with the Michelin starred Chef Florent Boivin as he prepares and takes you through an incredible six course meal and wine degustation experience at the scenic Water’s Edge. This event will take place in two week at the special invitation of hotelier Rohan Fernandopulle. If you have a passion for the culinary arts and a love for the finest haute-cuisine, this is an opportunity that simply should not be missed. From black truffle, to Queensland... 

Poetry reading at Cioconat Lounge today

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To mark International Book Lover’s Day in partnership with Annasi & Kadalagotu Cioconat Lounge, in partnership with Annasi & Kadalagotu, will mark International Book Lover’s Day on August 9 with a poetry reading featuring Graetiaen Prize winner Sachintha Sachitanandan, Arun Dias Bandaranaike, Sharon Dinasha Stephen, Rasika Jayakody, Imaad Majeed and Benny Lau. Annasi & Kadalagotu will be launching its first crowd-funding campaign to realise the publishing of Benny Lau’s WRITHINGS or Bola Kassim chapbook. Sakunthala Sachithanandan was awarded the Gratiaen Prize in 2011 for her book of poetry,  On the Streets and Other Revelations, praised by the judges for its engagement with... 

Mitigating blue whale ship strikes in Sri Lankan waters

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On 23 July the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies hosted a meeting on mitigating blue whale ship strikes in Sri Lankan waters. This meeting, spearheaded by Dr. Asha de Vos, Marine Biologist and Founder of the Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project and member of the IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group, brought together various stakeholders from government agencies to discuss the potential for collaboration and means by which to move forward to resolve this unfortunate problem. Asha de Vos, in her introduction, spoke of the uniqueness of Sri Lankan blue whales and the history of overharvesting with over 1,294 blue whales illegally harvested by Soviet factory ships... 

A taste of HVN

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Unique Casa Colombo restaurant ticks all the boxes with no restraint By Uditha Jayasinghe Casa Colombo certainly lives up to its name. It is a “home” touched by the best elements of Sri Lankan-ness, hospitality and great food. The imposing edifice with its many fairytale balconies and filigree work encases some of the best dishes to be found in Colombo and is the perfect destination for a treat. Much has been written about the wonderfully odd and kitsch décor of Casa Colombo and HVN with its mural of floating rishis, padded walls, mosaic floors and golden ceiling has a pleasantly familiar vibe to it that is both welcoming and exotic. An enduring favourite are the gigantic fans that spin... 

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