Mitigating blue whale ship strikes in Sri Lankan waters

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On 23 July the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies hosted a meeting on mitigating blue whale ship strikes in Sri Lankan waters. This meeting, spearheaded by Dr. Asha de Vos, Marine Biologist and Founder of the Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project and member of the IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group, brought together various stakeholders from government agencies to discuss the potential for collaboration and means by which to move forward to resolve this unfortunate problem. Asha de Vos, in her introduction, spoke of the uniqueness of Sri Lankan blue whales and the history of overharvesting with over 1,294 blue whales illegally harvested by Soviet factory ships... 

A taste of HVN

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Unique Casa Colombo restaurant ticks all the boxes with no restraint By Uditha Jayasinghe Casa Colombo certainly lives up to its name. It is a “home” touched by the best elements of Sri Lankan-ness, hospitality and great food. The imposing edifice with its many fairytale balconies and filigree work encases some of the best dishes to be found in Colombo and is the perfect destination for a treat. Much has been written about the wonderfully odd and kitsch décor of Casa Colombo and HVN with its mural of floating rishis, padded walls, mosaic floors and golden ceiling has a pleasantly familiar vibe to it that is both welcoming and exotic. An enduring favourite are the gigantic fans that spin... 

Keep your kids busy during the holidays

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Exams have ended and schools have closed! The crazy task of keeping your children occupied this holiday has dawned upon you. If you are looking for ways to keep your young ones active and creative this holiday the Trekurious Children’s Holiday Program is for you! Designed specifically to keep your kids productive, having fun and immersed in what they love, you are guaranteed a well-deserved break this holiday. Islander Escape with Eco-V (8 to 18 years) Held from 15 to 17 August, the Islander Escape – three day holiday camp for children is a magnificent getaway to a peaceful and beautiful organic farm in Anuradhapura. Your children will be encouraged to re-connect with nature as they leave... 

Colombo Courtyard bags an ‘A+’ for food safety management

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Colombo Courtyard, the hidden gem of Colombo, was presented with the coveted Grade ‘A+’ at the ‘Food and Safety Excellence Awards 2014’, the annual Food and Safety Management Systems awards organised by the Colombo Municipal Council, which was held at The Kingsbury Hotel, recently. The award was presented taking into account the food hygiene and internal management systems into consideration. Prior to the award ceremony, a thorough audit was conducted by the CMC among most of the five star hotels and restaurants in Colombo. The winning criteria covered various aspects of hygiene such as receiving, storing, freezing and serving, The ‘A+’ grade which Colombo Courtyard was presented... 

Esala pageant Continuing an age-old tradition

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…That they may honour these Gods, and procure their aid and assistance, they do yearly in the Month of June or July, at a New Moon, observe a solemn Feast and general Meeting, called Perahar. The greatest Solemnity is performed in the City of Cande… The priest bringeth forth a painted stick, about which strings of Flowers are hanged, and so it is wrapped in branched Silk, some part covered, and some not; before which the people bow down and worship; each one presenting him with an Offering according to his free will. These free-will Offerings being received from the People, the Priest takes his painted stick on his Shoulder, having a cloth tied about his mouth to keep his breath from defiling... 

From the days of the postal runner

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  It costs 10 rupees now to send an ordinary letter by post. It’s a stiff increase of 100%. One may, of course, argue that 10 rupees is “nothing” today. the Postal Department says that the increase has come after six years even though the rates are generally revised every three years. I remember the time when I started collecting stamps, we used to paste a three cents stamp to send a letter. At that time there was even a two-cent stamp in circulation – obviously it was used to send letters before the fare became three cents. That was several decades ago and the postal rates kept increasing as the years went by. Looking back at the postal history of Ceylon, as the country was then... 

Dangerous beauty

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  A review of the play ‘Walking Path’ by Stages Theatre Group There is a saying about the approaches to right behaviour in England France and Russia, which goes something like this – in England, if it is not prohibited it is allowed; in France, even it is prohibited it is allowed; and in Russia, everything is forbidden, even if it is expressly allowed. It is possible to argue that contemporary Sri Lanka has, in its post-independence trajectory, started off with the English model, flirted with the French model and is today heading towards the Russian one. The Stages Theatre Group’s latest production, directed by Jayampathy Guruge, is a superb, fiendishly clever, masterly casual,... 

The De Lanerolle Brothers in song with Sabina Cvilak and Rohan De Silva on piano

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The De Lanerolle brothers were in a variety of moods with the added glamour of Sabina Cvilak and Rohan de Silva’s magic on piano when they enraptured their audience with a rare combination of Classical and Broadway music. Sabina was beautiful to look at and a picture of elegance wearing stunning clothes and jewellery. That combined with her enchanting voice and the talent of the Brothers and Rohan de Silva gave us an unforgettable evening of magical music. Sabina and the Brothers showed that anything in music is their oyster as they sang their way through a selection of perennial classical and Broadway favourites. Several big names in business, who are long-time fans of The Brothers were present... 

Serendib and coffee: A tale entwined

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  They are just beverages you might think, but a discussion on coffee vs. tea can still get some Sri Lankans hot under the collar. “Sri Lanka is a tea drinking country”; “Tea is part of our history and culture, coffee is not!” are just some of the arguments to be heard in recent times, over the relatively new phenomenon of coffee houses springing up all over the place, leading to a renaissance of sorts in coffee drinking in Colombo. Fact 1: Both coffee and tea were in fact introduced to Sri Lanka; by traders in the first case and colonisers in the second. Fact 2: Coffee was introduced before tea. The British tried mass scale plantations of coffee first, and if not for the blight... 

Marvellous mangoes (and other interesting facts)

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Did you know that Sri Lanka has over 60 varieties of banana? This post is about mangoes, sorry for straying from the topic momentarily, please bear with me. Back to the bananas. Did you know that Sri Lanka has over 600 varieties of rice, over 430 species of bird and over 240 species of butterfly? Sri Lanka is known for its biodiversity, and is home to many unique types of plant, animal and bird which are not found anywhere else in the world. Even the blue whales found off Sri Lanka’s coast [see] are special, with their own dialect and breeding patterns. The island’s biodiversity extends of course to mangoes. Realistically, how much can there be to write about the... 

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