Corruption can snowball into destroying a country, along with those corrupt

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A lesson from Venezuela Country and the resources Venezuela, as most of the readers may know, is the country that the charismatic leader President Hugo Chavez ruled from 1999 till his unfortunate death due to cancer in March 2013. He was loved by the masses in his country and many millions the world over for his brave leadership against Western powers and his rhetoric against the American economic empire. Venezuela is a country with a land mass of 912,000 Sq Km (14 times bigger than Sri Lanka) with a population of 29 million people. Per capita income of the country in 2012 was $ 13,800 with 95% of export revenue coming from crude oil (source: Index Currency of Venezuela is ‘Bolivars’... 

Nuclear neighbours and Sri Lankan energy

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Sri Lanka has the potential to reap the benefits of nuclear positives, especially to prosper the energy sector. Neighbours support on technology is vital Nuclear is a much discussed topic in the present day international and political arena and security forums. Although the designed out put of nuclear capability is deterrence and destruction, the different nations use this as a power tool or a political tool to achieve the higher status of the regional hegemony. Though countries discussed about regional cooperation, power sharing, and free trade etc the nuclear assets and capabilities contribute vise versa in order to destroy the said important development concepts. This is very much imminent... 

Building ‘Brand Sri Lanka’ over and over again

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Last week we saw some key events unfolding in Sri Lanka, the first being the announcement officially that Sri Lanka is engaging a global PR agency to give a balanced picture of Sri Lanka in the US market and the other being the staging of Miss China for Miss Universe 2014 in Sri Lanka. A thought that crossed my mind from the many interactions that I have had with the global expert in Nation Branding Simon Anholt was him mentioning that nation branding is a process where respect is earned with a series of actions over a long period of time rather than just orchestrated activity. In this ethos if we evaluate Sri Lanka we a mixed bag if one Googles Sri Lanka.                               Sri... 

Bharat’s Pradhan Sevak

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Modi speaks on India’s 67th Independence Day Politicians, especially populist ones, campaign in poetry and govern with prose. Most times it with a repressive and harsh prose that they govern. This has not happened yet in India, but in the build-up to the traditional address to the nation from the ramparts of Delhi’s 17th century Mughal era Red Fort, the feeling was that the inspiring poetry of the Modi tsunami, which swept the cow belt in Bharat and showed a strong performance in other areas to enable the BJP to have an absolute majority in India’s lower house of Parliament, was fast turning into dull prose. In the election campaign, the Modi rhetoric was all about sweeping market reforms... 

Carriers to blank sailings for China’s Golden Week

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Carriers to blank sailings for China’s Golden Week Carriers in the east-west head-haul trades may opt to cancel fewer sailings this year in response to reduced volumes of China during the country’s Golden Week holiday in early October. The reason is that despite volumes that significantly fall off during the national holiday week, which will be 2-7 October this year, or week 41, 2014 overall is a stronger year in the head-haul east-west trades, making carriers possibly more hesitant to cancel or ‘blank’ scheduled sailings out of China to Europe and the US.   But it’s a high-wire act, or sorts, because if carriers misjudge the market and keep too much tonnage on the water, they may... 

Creative minds of writers can predict the future

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The Little Red Book of Authoritarian Regimes and the Green Book response by global powersAt the launch of ‘Asirimath Greesiya’ or ‘Wonder that is Greece’ by dramatist-novelist Ranjith Dharmakeerthi last week in Colombo, Colombo University’s senior Don Sarath Wijesoriya, who introduced the book to the audience, drew its attention to a short story written by Dharmakeerthi some 20 years ago. The short story titled ‘A man who has become isolated’ is wound around a writer who is being interviewed by a journalist to get his views on the year just past. It was a series of questions and answers relating to a wide spectrum of topics. About artistes, the writer says they are a group of sycophants... 

Revitalising public service performance

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I am happy to be a part of a small but significant step in developing a new performance appraisal mechanism for the Sri Lankan public sector. It is jointly developed by the Public Services Commission (PSC) and the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM). We have started a pilot run with more than 10 organisations.  Today’s column is all about that endeavour with prospects and pitfalls. Overview Performance appraisals are not uncommon to Sri Lankan public service. How it is currently done is the question. In Sri Lanka, measuring of individual employee performance had been introduced by a Public Administration Initiative way back in 1998. The objective was to link the granting of annual increments... 

Ice Bucket Challenge: Is it the best use of ‘social energy’?

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The ‘power’ of a great marketing idea going ‘viral’ was amply demonstrated by the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. However, it also demonstrates the lack of effective strategy when it comes to social-cause marketing. Is this the most pressing socio-health challenge that the world faces today? Every year 1.5 million children die due to poor nutrition; 66 million children attend school hungry across the developing world; hunger kills more people than AIDS, TB and Malaria combined. In no way am I undermining those suffering from MND, instead highlighting the need to channel ‘social energies’ in a prioritised manner.  Read More →

Pitfalls in 5Ss and how to avoid them

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After many years of experience in the manufacturing industries and successful implementation of lean practices in 55 companies, and five national hospitals, I decided to share my experiences regarding common pitfalls in 5Ss and how to avoid them. It is with gratitude I recall the opportunities afforded to me by Japan Sri Lanka technical and Cultural Association and the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) Japan. The training in Japan and the expert guidance that helped me to enhance my own potential and make a positive contribution to improve productivity is appreciated very much. Collectively along with my clients we were able to raise the standard of the 5S system in Sri Lanka.... 

Board composition and criteria for board appointments

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Today’s banking industry is constantly being buffeted by waves of M&A, regulatory and technological challenges. The increased regulatory burden and related costs impact every financial institution in both the approach to doing business and the expense of doing business. The industry is in transition, with many challenges ahead. As a result, there has never been a greater need for well functioning, informed and upright boards of directors. There has also never been a more important time for board members to keep in mind that their responsibilities go beyond the institution they serve. To achieve long-term value for shareholders, bank boards would need to look for ways to strengthen their... 

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