Givers and takers

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Among the multitude of speakers I met at the Annual Conference of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) – 2014, held in Manchester, UK, Adam Grant occupies the ace space. I was looking forward to meet him, as highly recommended by my US academic colleagues. As the final speaker, he not only created an insightful impression among the audience, but also proved that he is living what he is preaching. Today’s column is all about him and his best-selling book, titled ‘Give and Take’.       Adam Grant Overview ‘Give and Take’ is the title of a best-selling book that invites us to change our approach towards success. It has simultaneously earned many... 

Drones and 3D printing to disrupt logistics

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Drones and 3D printing to disrupt logistics As referred to in the Financial Times the term ‘disruptive technology’ – innovations that upset established business practices – tends to be over used. But there can be little doubt that two technologies are being developed that could well and truly shake up logistics businesses: drones and 3D printing. Drones also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs – are already widely available for uses such as aerial photography, while established military applications include reconnaissance and bombing missions. Meanwhile, 3D printing, which has been in existence for about a decade, can manufacture anything from jewellery and furniture to dental... 

Indraratna Chinthana on sustained development: Still valid and will be valid forever

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The need for critically debating policy proposals Colombo University’s Emeritus Professor and Sri Lanka Economic Association’s President A.D.V. de S .Indraratna has just released in book form an updated and revised version of the SLEA presidential addresses he has delivered over the last 10 years. Titled ‘Policy Issues for Sustained Development of Sri Lanka’, the book covers a wide range of issues which the country’s economic policy makers cannot ignore when carving out the path of its future development. Prof. Indraratna presenting a copy of the book to the Chief Guest at the book launch, Minister Basil Rajapaksa   In any other country, the addresses delivered by the head of... 

Arjuna Ranatunga bats for common candidate

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Sportsman turned politician Arjuna Ranatunga, who is currently in the political spotlight following his name being proposed for the highly-discussed common candidate, affirms he can pose a challenge to President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the upcoming presidential election. An Opposition Parliamentarian, the former Cricket Captain says: “When you look at some of the leaders who have run the country, I am not second to them. I always say that I put the country first as a sportsman and as a politician,” he pointed out, adding, “I have more qualifications than some of the other names that have been proposed.” He further stressed: “It is not Mahinda Rajapaksa we are trying to get rid of; it is... 

Truth or falsity, or is it the communal divide?

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Any intelligent person will agree that communal politics have been the bane of this country. Instead of looking at issues from a national point of view, the communal perspective encourages a narrower approach, each group claiming as large a piece of the pie as an entitlement, indifferent to the consequences to the whole. It reduces men to the lowest definition; their particularities are emphasised while ignoring commonalities with the rest. The idea of a nation ought to bind people together in a common identity. Communal politics on the other hand weakens the ties of nationhood, every group harping on their differences while following their own trajectory. But when we look at an individual as... 

Leadership capability increases confidence in future results

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Effective leadership is one of the most elusive keys to organisational success. A number of organisations worldwide have successfully cracked the code; however, today’s flatter, faster, more flexible organisations, facing intense competition in a global market, require more dynamic leadership. Those organisations that are most successful in developing their executives and senior managers carefully assess the performance and capabilities of these leaders and potential leaders, provide them extensive development and coaching, measure their progress, and then reward them. They also focus on enhancing the self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social skills of their leaders—what... 

Navy vs. Kandy the pick of the week

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Without any doubt, the game between Kandy and Navy will take pride of place this week. The teams are occupying the top two slots after three weeks of rugby. Kandy and Navy had scored 18 tries each with the difference being the number of conversions that Navy made. Kandy had a horror start when they lost to a gallant Army side which has been somewhat of a surprise package this season. Despite the pre-season hype surrounding Kandy’s new star players and the return of their former coach, they have not fired on all cylinders. Last week they were almost beaten by a wounded Havies side smarting after a defeat at the hands of CR but were saved by the stupidity of one man and the ingenuity of another... 

Let the games begin…

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“..And may the odds be ever in your favour” Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games ‘At the stroke of the midnight hour’ on 20 November, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who turned 69 years old on Tuesday was tipped to finally rubber-stamp and reveal the world’s worst kept secret. On 19 November 2014, President Rajapaksa completed the mandatory four years in office before he was constitutionally empowered to call snap elections for the presidency. Speculated for months nationally and internationally, prefaced by two months of ‘soft campaigning’ by President Rajapaksa’s re-election team and Opposition squabbling and intrigue, the die shall finally be cast. Soon, Sri Lankans will embark... 

A tale of two speeds

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On September this year, Sri Lanka reopened its northern rail line that connected Jaffna to its commercial capital Colombo. This historic event took place nearly after 25 years of losing the connection and we all know why it happened. The shape of the world’s fastest trains came from observing nature – the shape of the diving bird to catch its prey!   It is to be stated that this was made possible by the $ 800 million loan extended by the Indian Government and with technical support from a subsidiary company of Indian Railways. As such, the rehabilitation and renewal project obviously had more procurements externally than through internal production. The absence of local manufacturing... 

Monumental rise of a mischievous boy from Medamulana

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Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa, known to his country and the world at large as Mahinda Rajapaksa, celebrated his 69th birthday yesterday (18 November). Sri Lanka’s fifth Executive President has been at the helm of the nation for nine years since November 2005. Currently he is poised to create a record of sorts by contesting presidential elections for the third time. History would be made if he wins. Once the presidential poll is in progress the media spotlight will beam on this son of the Ruhunu even more powerfully than the past in the days to come. It is perhaps a sign of the times that the Editor of the Daily FT has asked me to write a personality piece about President Mahinda Rajapaksa at this... 

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