Chinese secret agenda?

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27 agreements signed between Sri Lanka and China in 2014 The recent visit by the Chinese President that chalked up $ 4 billion on projects was interesting, but a point to note is that the investment in India by the Chinese that was signed post the visit to Sri Lanka added to $ 90 billion, which showed the appetite of the Chinese economy for global trade. The words of late Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar – “even though the overall lending by China is touching $ 4.1 billion, China has never sought to influence the domestic politics of Sri Lanka” – are interesting, given that the TNA was called for a meeting post the visit to Premier Modi in India. Whilst acknowledging the overall... 

‘Japana Hapana’ and ‘Cheena Patas’

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The story begins in 1951, to be precise, on 8 April. The day on which the Treaty of San Francisco, between Japan and part of the Allied Powers who fought World War II, was signed. It was signed by 48 nations, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. The Treaty came into force on 28 April 1952. This Treaty served officially to end World War II. It ended Japan’s position as an imperial power, it allocated compensation to Allied civilians and former prisoners of war who had suffered Japanese war crimes, and to end the Allies’ military occupation of Japan and return sovereignty to that defeated nation. The Treaty of San Francisco and the Security Treaty signed the same day signifies... 

The morning after Uva: Govt. and opposition at the crossroads

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Perhaps the fundamental thing about the Uva result is that it demonstrates that the fundamentally democratic system – most importantly the electoral mechanism and the Commission of Elections – is working, notwithstanding the incidents of coercive electioneering. The Uva election achieved certain things but not others. The Americans, as always, have a phrase for it: ‘close but no cigar’, which means good work, but not quite good enough to win the prize of victory. That is true of the Opposition’s creditable performance, which however fell short of victory. Any government anywhere in the world would be grimly satisfied with the narrow win it achieved despite twenty years of incumbency. Thanks... 

Lesson from Nigeria: Discovery of a natural resource by a country without good governance is a curse

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The Nigerian news that shocked the world During the last 12 month period, three pieces of news coming from Nigeria shocked the world. The first was the sacking of the Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi, by Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan in February 2014 (available at: ). His crime: Warning the government that billions of dollars in oil revenue due to the Treasury had been stolen at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation or NNPC. Thus, his hint was that culprits who had committed this theft had been associates of the incumbent President. But... 

Social media for talent hunt

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Facebook has more than 1.2 billion fans around the globe. LinkedIn offers you connections with more than 260 million users. Social networking has started shaping our lives in a big way. How can we use it for attracting talent? Has it been successful so far? Today’s column will begin a discussion on the use of social media for hiring and other HR activities. Overview With the rapid technology advancements over the years, social media have come to the forefront offering solutions to people issues. Social media refers to the means of interactions among people, in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks hiring, essentially deals with the... 

What is the underlying purpose of reconciliation?

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The Government is reported to be appointing a Special Bureau for Reconciliation, according to a newspaper headline, although the body of the Report refers mostly to the implementation of the LLRC Report. But the LLRC Report, although it will help in the process of reconciliation, is not equivalent to reconciliation. One wonders whether the newspaper or for that matter even the Government understands the true meaning of reconciliation and its significance. Reconciliation means that despite all that they have suffered during the war (for which the LTTE is as much responsible as the Sinhalese), they are willing to be part of the same State under a scheme of devolution of power – a State which... 

Booming Sri Lanka beckons Big Apple!

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‘Booming Sri Lanka beckons Big Apple!’ was the title of the special report filed by the Editor of the Daily FT, following the ‘Invest Sri Lanka’ capital markets forum of CSE-SEC in New York, which had ended with record participation and strong interests. The Senior Minister for International Monetary Cooperation quoting the Dhamma Pada had said “come and see” to the prospective investors, whilst the Governor of the Central Bank had highlighted the Impressive results delivered under the present leadership. Ambassador Palitha Kohonna had listed why Sri Lanka should be the next investment destination for US firms. The CSE Chief had highlighted the opportunities in Lanka’s capital markets... 

Lean Six Sigma can transform services, development and government sectors

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Evolvement of Lean Six Sigma Lean thinking evolved from 1910 in the Manufacturing sector and Six Sigma made its name in the 1980s within Motorola. In the Manufacturing sector, Lean led to a number of operational improvement techniques such as 5S, Kaizen, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Just In Time, (JIT), Kanban and Gemba. Whilst the Manufacturing sector had the benefit of visual processes, the Service sector was unable to benefit from these tools to the same extent. Measuring services is complex The Service sector generally does not operate from large floor spaces arranged in large wide locations, like factories. Processes are not clearly visible and every service offering is different... 

R&D factor in industrial development

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University teacher unions (FUTA and others) have long argued that the Government must at least contribute 6% of the GDP for higher education. It is indeed an important factor that has a direct bearing on long-term economic planning. The Government of Sri Lanka must have development priorities to deal with certain requirements to attain the high growth rates. Long-term economic planning is an important aspect in taking the country to higher levels as global economic patterns keep changing and Sri Lanka should be ready to face the global economic challenges at any given time. Unpredictable though the global trade trends may be; but if there is a population with certain skill sets, and if there... 

Suppression in Sri Lankan society

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There was a news item in the media a few weeks back about a girl, namely Thilini Amalka, delivering a series of slaps to a young man at the Wariyapola bus stand. The incident was videoed and published on the web by a freelance journalist. This resulted in several web comments, especially by men, criticising Amalka’s act, saying that she has done it excessively. Subsequently she was arrested by the Police, produced before the Judicial Medical Officer to examine her mental condition and then produced before the magistrate. She was later released on Rs. 50,000 surety bail. Her Attorney Lakshan Dias of Rights Now Collective for Democracy was of the view that the action taken by the Police was... 

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