Cut-outs knocked out

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The much-awaited outcome of the presidential election results clearly showed that the electorate has made an informed judgement as to who should govern the country for the next six years. The country was replete with cut-outs of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa all over the country and this phenomenon was never experienced by the electorate. Even during late President Premadasa’s time there were cut-outs but not on this scale. People began to wonder as to where the money had come from to erect such gigantic cut-outs. The main theme of the Opposition campaign gained ground because there were allegations of ill-gotten money by a handful of persons.                               The... 

Deliver promise of new country in 100 days, with best practices in project management!

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Morning has broken with bright yellow sunshine warmly welcoming the new future of Sri Lanka. Hopes of a country with no ethnic divide have inspired the whole nation. I looked around to see people walking through the beautiful garden which has been recently developed to world-class standards. Despite all the beautification and infrastructural development activities carried out by the previous Government, today people have voted for the promises made for good governance. A country free of corruption with an ethical code of conduct, the reinforcement of law and order, a new political system, unity among people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, reduced cost of living and reasonable increases... 

New ‘asses,’ same ‘liquors’

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This column is not about donkeys. It’s not even about the indigenous Mannar species we have on this once, late lamented, ‘Wonder of Asia’. Neither is it about alcohol. Not even about exotic beverages that were served, until recently, at the highest level – Johnny Walker Blue Label or Chivas Regal – we have heard, of ‘Mathata Thitha’ fame. Nor is it about the more mundane ethanol and the related moonshine a.k.a. the common or garden kassippu, which is the source of many a politician’s unaccountable wealth, busted up on elections to subvert the voter’s democratic choice. For the reader to appreciate the true meaning of the headline, ‘New asses, same liquors,’ I will repeat... 

Departure of the Anointed and arrival of the Elected

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“In politics as in womanising, failure is decisive. It sheds its retrospective gloom on earlier endeavour which at the time seemed full of promise” – Malcolm Muggeridge on Prime Minister Anthony Eden after the Suez debacle   It was manifest from about the second week of the contest that Maithripala Sirisena would emerge the winner, but there was a grave sense of uncertainty on the succession. The numbers though inevitable did not make the outcome inevitable. This writer, an ardent champion of the Maithripala candidacy, exhaled a breath of relief only when the Commissioner of Elections stroked his shaggy beard and expressed his deep appreciation of the outgoing President for his graceful... 

Marketing pickups and challenge for Sri Lanka

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What Ruchir said When I was watching the election results on 8 January, my mind went back to the oration by the J.P Morgan Managing Director Ruchir Sharma at the Central Bank’s 60th anniversary. The essence of his presentation was that any state leader’s duration of leadership was two terms whilst in the third if one is elected it is due to cutting edge reforms or for one being a dictator. We can see that the reality has dawned on Sri Lanka and my friend Ruchir’s doctoral research insight has held true in Sri Lanka. In fact I called him the day after the final election results was announced. His answer was simple. The final decision in any purchase decision is the consumer. In this case... 

Corporate lessons from the elections

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Feel the real ‘pulse’ of your real consumer – not just the opinion of senior management who ‘surround’ you Keep a tab on your consumer sentiment and the real value delivered to them – do not get carried away with fancy office buildings, glossy annual reports and grand-standing awards Compete but treat your competition with respect – do not ‘push’ them to a point of ‘unionising’ against you Subliminal market communication is more effective than ‘in your face’ blasting When your competition is in trouble, it’s easy to ride the wave – but this ‘fizz’ will not last long. So, get down to delivering real value. Consumers like politicians have short memories!  Read More →

Export alert to new regime

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By Rohan Masakorala The Shippers’ Academy Colombo extends its best wishes to the newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and the new administration. The export industry of Sri Lanka needs a rapid policy expansion and certain actions to be expedited very fast, among them are the market access issues and diversification of export base and markets. Whilst continuity of reforms needs to be carried out, a few areas need greater attention and priority.                         The priority The European Union (EU) export ban of fisheries products from Sri Lanka comes into effect this week, to be specific... 

Can Indian ports reduce transhipment?

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Can Indian ports reduce transhipment? Prime Minister Narendra Modi, elected in April, views an improved and efficient transport network as critical to the country’s social-economic growth and to India playing a bigger role in global trade. To-date, the government has focused on ports, with Modi directing the Ministries of Shipping and Finance to come up with proposals and budgets to stimulate investment, expand handling capacity and improve connectivity.   In the port sector, Nitin Gadkari, the country’s Minister of Shipping, wants to double handling capacity to 1.6 Bt over the next five years. While deep sea facilities have seen investment, much of India’s box traffic continues to... 

Hurray for Hierarchy

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Having witnessed a change in the political arena, the nation is eagerly waiting to welcome His Holiness Pope Francis tomorrow. We saw two years ago, how, after almost thousand years, the papal legacy has shifted from Europe to Latin America. That change has started to bring in small but significant changes to the Catholic Church. It is an opportune time to have a managerial and structural look at the Catholic Church, specially focusing on the often criticised term, hierarchy. Today’s column is an amateur attempt of it from a non-theological but a pragmatic perspective.                           Overview His Holiness Pope Francis... 

The triumph of good governance: Sri Lanka has shown that it is a true ‘Wonder of Asia’

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Two different election platforms by the two main candidates The two main contenders to the presidency at the recently-concluded elections fought their battle on two different election platforms. The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa sought to sell his infrastructure development, war victory, continuity in government and fear of foreign intervention to the electorate. The current President Maithripala Sirisena fought the battle on restoring democracy, good governance, rule of law, independence of the Judiciary, elimination of corruption, fair treatment of minorities and constitutional reforms seeking to abolish the executive presidency and re-establishing parliamentary powers.                       Voters... 

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