Democratic values vs. Sri Lankan values

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An assessment in light of the presidential election 2015 The presidential election was declared and there will be two opposing candidates, incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa and common Opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena. It is likely to be that at the election platform of the incumbent President, the point of war victory would be brought in. He should get the full credit for that, but not at an election. The intention of this article is to examine this factor in light of the democratic values and Sri Lankan values. Democracy has been established in Sri Lanka for a long time. However, it appears to be that true democratic values have not been established in Sri Lanka. Democracy was established... 

The fundamentals for economic prosperity

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Many years ago as primary students we were taught that most rich countries were in the North of the globe, and most poor countries were in the South, but later on we were told that it was not geography that causes wealth or poverty. After all, Australia and New Zealand are part of the Southern hemisphere, and both are doing fine. You couldn’t say this of Papua New Guinea, which is the Asian country closest to Australia and New Zealand. A superficial view is to blame racial differences. Black Africa is the poorest and most disordered part of the world, and Haiti, with an almost entirely black population, is the poorest country of the Americas. But the coincidence is accidental. What makes some... 

Mahinda Rajapaksa vs. The Rest

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Saturn has made its mischief and the January presidential contest now looks poised to become a hard-fought battle President Mahinda Rajapaksa smiles while attending the 18th SAARC Summit It all began with the stars. It was apt therefore that less than 24 hours after President Mahinda Rajapaksa declared he would be seeking a third term in office two years ahead of schedule, certain celestial bodies began to wreak all manner of mischief inside his ruling party. Believers in astrology put last week’s political dramas down to the influence of the planet Saturn, the ‘Great Malefic’ of the astrological firmament. There was a major movement of the planet on 2 November 2014, which astrologers... 

Constitutional crisis: A claymore for Sirisena to avoid

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The correctness or incorrectness of the political line decides everything – Mao (1971)   Maithripala Sirisena will need to rethink his strategy heading into these presidential elections     As a former student of Mao Ze Dong thought, the genial Maithripala Sirisena may recall Mao’s point that ‘the correctness or incorrectness of the political line decides everything’. He must also hope that Mao was wrong, because the Sirisena campaign has so far, not got its political line correct, to put it mildly. This may sound like the quibble of a political scientist from the Marxian tradition, but it isn’t. The incorrectness of Mr. Sirisena’s political line or rather, the political... 

Reimagining the Silk Road

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President Xi Jinping wants to recreate the Silk Road. The world will give him the credit, though Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev may have spoken of it earlier. Clearly, the Chinese Government is the prime mover behind this initiative. Figure 1: The ancient Silk Road Source: NASA   Silk Road in history The Silk Road was not known by that name when it was a functioning channel of commerce centuries ago. It was so named in 1877 by Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen, a geographer charged with laying out the trace for a rail road from the German concession in Shandong through the coal fields in Xi’an to Germany. Subsequent research has shown that it was not the trunk route portrayed by Richthofen... 

Obama pick-ups for Lanka’s presidential campaign 2015

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Just imagine a marketing budget on two brands exceeding Rs. 5 billion aimed at getting one brand into the most powerful seat in Sri Lanka. The only thought that will come into a marketer’s mind will be that the most cutting-edge strategies will come into play in the near future. As a professional marketer, in my view, given the strengths of the two brands at play, we as consumers will see how the best strategies that one can think of will be focused on us to move consumer behaviour. The key issue will be, what happens to traditional organisations like soap, toothpaste and mosquito coils or for that matter Christmas-related brands that want to get a share of voice? It will be almost impossible. Obama... 

The ‘other’ Hambantota story

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Alternative human development The city of Hambantota in the arid zone of the dry zone in southern Sri Lanka is the presently, for well-known reasons which do not require repetition in these columns, the cynosure of all eyes. Development with a capital D. That’s the only word which describes the current situation! A harbour, through which all motor vehicle imports into Sri Lanka are routed by administrative fiat; an international airport which averages, reportedly, three flights a day, mainly from Sri Lankan and Mihin; highways, flyovers, roundabouts, international conference centres, an international sports stadium and many, many other things, provincial, regional, national and international. The... 

Chrish Cloete sinks Navy at Welisara

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Kandy travelled to Welisara with a purpose and went back with the tag ‘Mission Accomplished’. The mission was to defeat Navy in their comfort zone at Welisara which also boasts loads of naval vocal support. The conditions were soggy underfoot with heavy rain in the lead-up to the game and thus fast and open rugby was not expected. The play was disjointed at best and one man stood out for the entire duration of the game, Kandy’s number 7, Cloete. He was simply brilliant throughout the game and at times it appeared that it was him against the Navy fifteen. If any youngster wanted to emulate a player at the pivotal position of a flanker here was a shining example. His overall rugby skills... 

Givers and takers

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Among the multitude of speakers I met at the Annual Conference of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) – 2014, held in Manchester, UK, Adam Grant occupies the ace space. I was looking forward to meet him, as highly recommended by my US academic colleagues. As the final speaker, he not only created an insightful impression among the audience, but also proved that he is living what he is preaching. Today’s column is all about him and his best-selling book, titled ‘Give and Take’.       Adam Grant Overview ‘Give and Take’ is the title of a best-selling book that invites us to change our approach towards success. It has simultaneously earned many... 

Drones and 3D printing to disrupt logistics

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Drones and 3D printing to disrupt logistics As referred to in the Financial Times the term ‘disruptive technology’ – innovations that upset established business practices – tends to be over used. But there can be little doubt that two technologies are being developed that could well and truly shake up logistics businesses: drones and 3D printing. Drones also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs – are already widely available for uses such as aerial photography, while established military applications include reconnaissance and bombing missions. Meanwhile, 3D printing, which has been in existence for about a decade, can manufacture anything from jewellery and furniture to dental... 

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