Violence and country branding

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It takes decades, if not centuries, to build a country brand. It takes only a few irresponsible acts to significantly negate all the hard work that multiple stakeholders have put into building a country brand.  The perception damage caused, locally and internationally, can take much long cure than the physical damages. So, let’s put country brand above all and not let any of the sub-brands negate the ‘mother brand’. The blame game will not take us anywhere. The need of the hour is reflection, reconciliation and re-building our country brand – by all stakeholders.  Read More →

“Any organisation inciting religious hatred should be banned”: Faiszer

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If precautions are not taken to prevent religious tension and to bring perpetrators to book, the incidents of such nature will dampen the economy and social fabric of this country, says Deputy Minister of Investment Promotion Faiszer Musthapha. The Minister stresses that if the procession on 15 June had been prevented, the present developments in the country would have not occurred. “I wrote a letter to the IGP asking to take steps to prevent that march. I was assured that there would be peace and tranquillity. I believe that there was an error in that judgment,” points out the Minister, further adding, “What happened was inhumane and barbaric. As a Government Minister, I feel ashamed that... 

Revitalising HR research: The Sri Lankan way

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I was very relieved to see the successful completion of the National HR Conference 2014. One key feature of it was the launch of the 2014 volume of the HRM Perspectives Journal (HRMPJ), the annual research publication of the Institute of Personnel Management (IPM). Today’s column is a solemn reflection of the contents of it from an editor’s point of view. Overview I was the editor-in-chief for the HRMPJ for the third time. It is indeed challenging to sustain a research initiative, particularly if it is of complex multi-dimensional nature. Revitalised HRM Perspectives Journal (HRMPJ) has reached its third year of publication. It coincides with the National HR Conference 2014 of IPM with the... 

Central Bank clarifies on debt sustainability: But it begs more questions than the ones answered!

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The Central Bank’s clarification on the external debt numbers The Central Bank in a right move has clarified the debt sustainability issues raised by this writer in a previous My View (available at: ) by means of a Press Release (available at: under Press Releases and Speeches dated 13.06.2014). The My View under reference was a critique of a previous press release issued by the bank on 13 May 2014 informing the public of the improvement of the country’s external debt sustainability numbers. The My View... 

China banning P3: The ball is in the service providers’ court

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The week before saw the much-discussed global shipping alliance of three major shipping lines forming the P3 alliance being disallowed by the China Ministry of Commerce. This has resulted in scrapping of the mega alliance that was always been viewed as a threat to competition by shippers around the world. The interesting factor was that the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and the European Competition Commission gave the green light to the alliance over the last few months. This obviously meant the Europeans and the Americans had their consumers, manufacturers and industrialists, protected against anti-competitive practices in terms of price fixing and surcharges in the global trade transportation... 

P3 Alliance: Collapse due to Chinese authorities

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P3 Alliance: Collapse due to Chinese authorities Europe’s major ocean carriers, ports and shippers are urgently rethinking their business strategies following the shocking news that Chinese antitrust authorities had rejected an application by Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co., and CMA CGM to join forces in the P3 Network. Maersk reacted calmly to the unexpected thumbs down from Beijing, saying there would be “no material impact” on the group’s expected result for 2014. But that didn’t impress investors, as the Danish group’s share price plunged as much as 8.7% on the news, the biggest intra-day decline since May 16, 2012. It later recovered somewhat and was down about 7% by... 

Pathana take on Kingswood in a decider

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School rugby We are into the final stages of school rugby and it was been a good season with certain schools outperforming their own expectations, whilst others have fallen by the way side. Pathana, despite their rather shocking result last week, are still at the top of the ladder and appear poised for glory. Thus this week’s game between Pathana and Kingswood will be a game to watch. Pathana after last week’s game would have learnt the hard way that no team is to be taken lightly. Their disappointment with a draw was plain to see while Petes were celebrating as if they had won the league. Similarly KCK slipped up last week when they lost to TCK. Thus both team meeting this week have been... 

Digital marketing: Understanding the business realities in Sri Lanka

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We always like to talk about new trends. We like to celebrate that with fashion. A few decades ago scholars and experts have discussed and applied the methods of promotion like TV, radio, print media. At the same time, practitioners argue about below the line and above the line advertising. Some start to explore the underline themes of subliminal advertising. In Sri Lanka, a few years ago there was a film called ‘Guerrilla Marketing’.  But there is nothing to do with the name of the film and the real meaning of ‘guerrilla marketing’. Now it is an era of digital marketing. In traditional marketing we use tangibles like business cards, print ads in newspapers or magazines, posters, commercials... 

BBS speaks out on Aluthgama aftermath

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“The Bodu Bala Sena was never involved in any violent activities and we will never approve of such moves,” says Chief Executive Officer Dilantha Withanage. “We are trying to warn the people that in another decade or two there will be clashes between religious groups in the country. Unfortunately, it is happening right front of our very eyes.” Following are excerpts: Q: What happened in Aluthgama? A: On 12 June, two Muslim boys assaulted a Buddhist monk and his driver. This is something that cannot be approved in a Sinhala Buddhist country. Especially individuals of one religion should not assault leaders of another religion; it would cause clashes between the two groups. Knowing this,... 

Catch me if you can!

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In my view, when movies are based on true stories, there is a lot of interest as there is no second guessing the director or the scriptwriter – you can get absorbed in the content provided. The story of Frank W. Abagnale, which is a true story of a real fake, certainly makes for interesting reading and is a testimony to the statement ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. The story was picked by Hollywood and Leonardo DiCaprio played the lead role with Steven Spielberg as the Director. The story is also about utilising someone’s innate talents judiciously as Frank Abagnale finally was absorbed as a highly-respected officer at the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). The respect of course... 

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