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Cross party young MPs denounce hate speech

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A group of young parliamentarians from the Government and opposition have, in a joint statement, denounced speeches that instigate hate especially through the use of media and social media, which they say could only lead to irreversible actions that are often guided by rage and anger. The MPs from the ‘Forum’ have urged all citizens to act in restraint and to remain calm and wise despite the recent circumstances. Young Political Leaders’ Forum includes SLFP/UPFA MP Vasantha Senanayake, UNP MP Harin Fernando, ACMC MP Hunais Farook, SLFP MP Shehan Semasinghe, UNP MP Niroshan Perera, and Raghu Balachandran from the TNA. The MPs also raised concerns over the recent attacks that took place in the south and said they strongly believe that the use of violence and intimidation are utterly unacceptable, especially in the current post-war context. “We as youth of the country emphasize on the importance of values such as respect, mutual understanding, co-existence toward the betterment of Sri Lanka,” they said. The Young Political Leaders’ Forum called on all persons to resort to the laws of the country in order to ensure the safety of all citizens, urged the relevant authorities to restore normalcy within the country and prevent, with adequate measures, any possible escalation associated with the recent tensions, and called upon all communities to work together in solidarity so as to strengthen trust, respect and harmony among all people, regardless of their beliefs, to ensure that Sri Lanka does not go through the bitter experiences of the past. (Colombo Gazette)

 Sri Lanka briefs UNHRC on Aluthgama situation

Sri Lanka on Friday briefed the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) of the measures that have been implemented by the Government to prevent further deterioration of the situation and to bring back normalcy to the areas affected by the communal violence in the Aluthgama area. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Manisha Gunasekera exercising a Right of Reply in response to references made by Germany, Norway and Canada during the General Debate referred to the investigations initiated by the CID and the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) as well as the visits of the President and Prime Minister to the affected areas among the steps that have already been implemented by the Government to tackle the situation that developed in Aluthgama and Beruwala on Sunday. Upon describing the events that led to the violence, which erupted in Aluthgama and Beruwala on Sunday, Gunasekera said during the meeting between the President and religious and community leaders on 18 June, both Muslim and Buddhist leaders have agreed to undertake and support programs to promote inter-religious harmony. Speaking further, she informed the Council, “The Government does not condone any acts of violence against any religious or ethnic community. In all instances where credible information relating to incidents has been available, the Government has taken appropriate action,” while adding the Government remains deeply committed to protecting the lives of all its citizens, places of worship and property.”

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