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EZY celebrates 10-year milestone, unveils new corporate identity

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By Shabiya Ali Ahlam EZY Holdings, Sri Lanka’s leading technology distributor, yesterday reached its 10-year milestone and as part of its celebration unveiled its new corporate identity. The Singapore based US$ 160 million company, which previously had separate identities for its four other entities – eSys Technologies Lanka, Tektron Corporation, EZY Infotech and EZY Racing – will now come under its newest corporate logo ‘EZY’ with the tagline ‘excellence. delivered’. Officials revealed that the new corporate identity was conceptualised to further strengthen the EZY image in the industry. The Group, which is renowned for its computer manufacturing and motor racing excellence, as a strategy has operated its companies as independent entities since its inception. Justifying the move, EZY Group of Companies Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Shafraz Hamzadeen said: “It is great that we celebrate our 10-year milestone. The journey was not easy but we reached this mark. The challenge that we had was with different companies having different identities, we believed it was creating a challenge to establish ourselves as a corporate ‘whole,’ thus the move for a single identity. Gearing up for the future, EZY is structured to ensure it will be there in the coming 10 years and the new corporate identity is a step taken forward in that regard.” The company started its operations in 2004 as a computer component distributor and over the years ventured into three other business verticals, which were, services, education and enterprise, where all have excelled in their respective areas. While having started as a single person organisation, today the group has evolved to have a combined revenue exceeding Rs. 2 billion and a workforce of over 200 employees. “Over the last 10 years across our companies we have been able to deliver better than most others to our customers. That is excellence. Our ability to deliver excellence across our business which goes from supply chain management to managing our partners’ business efficiencies defines us.” Hamzadeen added the new corporate identity establishes EZY as a company that provides middle engine expertise, which according to him is the next level of distribution. “With business enablement services we have moved to a blue ocean; an area where we do not see any competition,” he said confidently. Sharing the ‘excellence delivered’ in the past 10 years, Hamzadeen expressed the company has been a proud part of the nation’s growth as it has introduced world leading technology products and driven them to market leadership. Highlighting the key achievements in the 10 year period, Hamzadeen noted that setting up the business in 2004 was itself an accomplishment since at that time the business environment was not favourable in Sri Lanka due to the war. However, the confident CEO stated that amidst the challenges EZY took distribution to a whole new level. In 2009 it introduced a revolutionary product, the EZY SlimTop Classic which according to him changed the way people did computing. That same year it also set up a fully automated computer manufacturing plant in Ratmalana. In 2010, EZY explored the sports arena with the intention of bringing back to life a sport that was almost ‘dead’. “We take great pride in having revolutionised the way Motor Sports is perceived in Sri Lanka and have successfully driven it to new heights,” he said. EZY engages not only in services such as repair, warranty, installation, and support, but also focuses on green field services such as EFS. Its corporate education business provides boot camps and knowledge training and is one of the few distributors extending such services to vendors as a part of business plan. On the enterprise space, EZY has access to the largest systems integrators in Sri Lanka who in return services the blue chip organisations. Distribution and manufacturing wise EZY has an island wide presence and provides instant access for many brands across the country.

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