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Dutch Bay Resorts ties up with EML Consultants for further sustainability in Kalpitiya

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Dutch Bay Resorts yesterday signed an MOU with EML Consultants to plan and implement an ‘Environmental Management Plan’ that aims at enhancing the value of its property in Kalpitiya.

EML Consultants have previously conducted an extensive environmental assessment for Kalpitiya in 2006 for Sri Lanka Tourism prior to Sri Lanka Tourism promoting the area as a high-end destination. The study looks at all aspects of the environment including vegetation, species, soil levels and its formation, marine life and the lagoon. Specific guidelines were also included on sustainable development in Kalpitiya and to create a system where tourism development coexists with the people and the surrounding system in the assessment.

Dutch Bay Resorts, now ready to open, have followed the guidelines of the said report and the architects have worked accordingly to preserve the environment and to create sustainability at the location.

“According to the MOU EML will conduct assessments and develop a management policy within the compound. They will also form an environmental action plan and propose a monitoring process to ensure that the sustainability process continues,” Dutch Bay Resorts Director Marketing and Promotions Neil D’ Silva said. “They will also ensure the compliance of the resort with the environmental regulations.” An action plan to compile a booklet on ecology on site to be presented to the guests before they check-in is also in the overall plan.

“We will also suggest and guide the management on environmentally-friendly indoor and outdoor activities and will look at a management plan that includes the community and the staff,” EML Consultants Chairman/ Managing Director Avanthi Jayatilake said. “It will be our collective responsibility to protect the area.”

EML Consultants also conducts environment, water sanitation and other environmental assessments in countries such as Uganda, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, etc on behalf of their Governments.


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