CEB’s revised tariffs: A new world record

  Published : 12:00 am  March 28, 2013  |  1,220 views  |  2 comments  |  Print This Post   |  E-mail to friend
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The Ceylon Electricity Board submitted its revised tariff proposals for the revision of electricity tariffs to its consumers for 2013, through the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUC). The PUC as required submitted the proposals for consumers’ comments.
The revised rates of CEB are set to improve the world record already held by Sri Lanka for the highest electricity charge for any category of consumers anywhere in the world, this time for three higher categories in the domestic group. Based on CEB’s estimates, the cost of electricity delivered to each consumer is Rs. 24.47 per unit. However, the CEB’s supply and distribution costs to smaller consumers are much higher.


2 Responses to “CEB’s revised tariffs: A new world record”

  1. Distraught Consumer on March 30th, 2013 6:33 am

    A shameful world record for inefficiency.

  2. L Wicks on April 18th, 2013 8:27 pm

    time a new minister is appointed in charge of the CEB, he will have a number of persons seeking jobs in the CEB. This way the CEB is full of unwanted and unskilled workers,who do absolutely nothing. We are burdened to pay their salaries. Apart from this all ministers in govt are given free electricity. So they are not bothered about the common man who is burdened with higher rates.

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