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Mahaweli Reach Kandy opts for JKCS’ Zhara HS

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Recently acclaimed for its enterprise class automation system for the hotel industry at the BCS National Best Quality Software Awards 2012, JKCS’s Zhara HS is yet again on the rise with the recent sign up of Mahaweli Reach Kandy. The Internet Booking Component of the suite complete with payment gateway integration is to be implemented for the property shortly.

The online solution for the property is developed and managed by 230 Interactive a leading digital agency in Sri Lanka. “Our focus is to deliver the brand to their key markets digitally. Social Media has now become a integral part of any communications strategy for our clients” said Sanjay Mendis, Co Founder, 230 Interactive. Apart from Web Development and Social Media, 230i is the pioneer of 360o virtual tours for hotel websites in Sri Lanka.

Securing a steady presence in the local hotel industry with its five star hospitality offering; Mahaweli Reach has a rich history handcrafted by its creators who have raised it to its stature today. The property has 112 rooms offering a breathtaking view of the Mahaweli River giving the guest the privilege of experiencing Kandy in a unique sense. The Internet Booking Engine of the Zhara Hospitality Suite has been chosen to empower the online presence of Mahaweli Reach and will become the catalyst in taking the hotel to the global arena. Through this potential guests from around the world will be able to book their accommodation at Mahaweli Reach in a click.

Expressing his views on the sign up Mr. Jayantha Panabokke, (Managing Director – Mahaweli Reach Hotel) said. “In the present era of international travel, an online presence is vital for an organization and it was a natural progression to establish the direct presence of Mahaweli Reach in the e-commerce domain. As an indigenous brand that values local input, Mahaweli Reach identified the internet booking engine provided by the Zhara Hospitality Suite of JKCS to be highly compatible with our existing infrastructure. We hope that this partnership with JKCS which has a proven track record as an internationally recognized software provider will enhance the services provided by Mahaweli Reach and assist us not only to retain our position as one of the premier properties in the Hill Capital but also to leverage the vast potential presented by direct online sales for the variety of products which we offer to increase revenues.”

“We strongly believe that an E-commerce platform taking a hotel to its global clientele online is a must in today’s competitive hospitality industry. We strive to provide this edge to our clients at all times. We strongly believe that in a world where approximately 60% of travel bookings are made online, it is simply an inexcusable opportunity cost for the local hotels to not utilize this opportunity to widen their reach and expand their profit margins at a minimal cost” said JC Ekanayake (Chief Operating Officer – JKCS)

“Today, establishments such as Mahaweli Reach have undoubtedly taken tourism in Sri Lanka to a whole new level. Long gone are the parameters and benchmarks we set within our country for hospitality offerings, it is now a global floor where with this same growth of e-commerce the competition has grown to a global scale. Our thinking is now and for the future constantly on elevating the capacity of the local hotel industry, through technology to empower our clients to showcase to the world their competencies, which I believe are far beyond the expected in the world today.” Mr. Ekanayake further added.

Zhara HS, the pioneer in introducing the concept of a comprehensive Internet Booking Engine to the local hotel industry, statistically proved its capabilities with Talallla Retreat who showed an increase of 34% in overall bookings for the hotel within a year since its implementation in 2011.


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