Dengue fever cases in Sri Lanka triple in 2012

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AsianScientist : Sri Lankan health personnel have reported a three-fold increase in the number of recorded dengue fever cases in the first quarter of this year.  Read More →

The wise give up the idea of victory and defeat

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A statement by Friday Forum Resolution No. 19/2 on Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka that was adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on 22 March 2012 calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) that was appointed by the President.   Read More →

Careful celebrations

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The Avrudu season is a great eye opener to the darker side of celebrations. The high number of deaths and over 200 injuries during the past four days, shows how more people need to learn about careful celebrations. This is of course, not a new development.    Read More →

Administrative reforms – a long felt need 

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It has been six decades since we gained independence. The cry for independence was to manage our own affairs much more efficiently than the British colonial administration. Many governments of different hue and cry have ruled this small country since independence and wanted to implement their own reforms and policies without weighing the merits of such action.  Read More →

The brand IPL is about highlighting performance

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Last Sunday when the unknown Ajinkya Rahane scored 103 runs off just 60 balls at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, which helped the Rajasthan Royals to score a massive 195 runs at IPL season five, my mind went to just one ethos the IPL is all about – highlighting performance. It is how IPL differentiates itself from the other forms of entertainment in the cricketing world. Credit must be given to its controversial founder Lalith Modi for giving life to this brand which incidentally is valued at $4.2 billion as per the latest estimates emerging from brand valuers.     Read More →

World Bank to choose new chief; US pick likely

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WASHINGTON: The World Bank’s directors meet on Monday to decide who will be the powerful institution’s next chief, with all expectations that the US will maintain its unbroken lock on the position.  Read More →

Norway killer Breivik refuses to recognise court

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Shooter gives clenched-fist salute Refuses to recognise court Court must rule on guilt and sanity OSLO (Reuters): The Norwegian anti-Islamic militant who massacred 77 people last summer arrived at an Oslo courthouse under armed guard on Monday, clenching his fist in a far-right salute and saying he did not recognise the authority of the judges.  Read More →

China cuts duties on personal imports of consumer electronics

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BEIJING: China has lowered duties on personal imports of digital cameras, computers and mobile phones by more than 50 per cent, new tax rules published by China’s customs administration showed.  Read More →

A toast for SMES from Standard Chartered Bank

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Standard Chartered Bank hosted entrepreneurs from its Small and Medium Banking segment to cocktails recently at Cinnamon Lakeside’s iconic 8 Degrees restaurant. The event was graced by Global Head of Sales Management and Customer Offerings for SME Banking Christopher Dalo, Head SME SA Rajeev Chalisgaonkar and Standard Chartered Bank Sri Lanka CEO Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar  Read More →

Sri Lanka, Philippines off to good start in HSBC Asian 5 Nations Division I Championships

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Asia’s road to the 2015 World Cup in England started Sunday with the kick-off of the HSBC Asian 5 Nations Division I championships in Manila. The tournament is doubling as the first round of a three-year qualification process for the region.  Read More →

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