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Voters seek CA to restrain election until de-mining and resettlement

By S.S. Selvanayagam

A stay order from the Court of Appeal is being asked by the displaced registered voters against the conducting of elections for the Maritime Pattu (Karaithurai Pattu) Pradeshiya Sabha scheduled to be held on 24 March.

A set of seven petitioners who are living in different places outside the Maritime Pattu in their Writ petition filed in the Court of Appeal seek stay order until the de-mining and resettlement.

J. Ajanthan  and J.J Kumar of Mulliyawavalai M. Jeshilan, Lornad Misiyas, S. Chandrallia, R. Parameshwaran and  S.S Kumar who are residing in Menik Farm, Chettikulam of Vavunia in their petition cited Returning Officers, Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya, Secretaries of respective political parties of Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi, UPFA, UNP, People’s Liberation Front, Purasavi Peramuna (People’s Front), SLMC and the Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils as well as the Attorney General as Respondents.

They in their petition state that nominations for the elections of Maritime Pattu Pradeshiya Sabha were received from 20 to 25 January 2011 by the Returning Officers in respective District of Mullaitivu.

The petitioners are asking the Court to issue a mandate in the nature of Writ of Certiorari quashing the said decision of the Returning Officer and the Elections Commissioner to hold the elections for the Maritime Pattu PS on 24 March.

They are seeking the Court to issue a mandate in the nature of Writ of Mandamus directing them not to proceed with the elections until the de-mining and resettlement process is completed and to take consequential steps as required by the law.

They are also asking the Court to issue a mandate in the nature of Mandumus directing them to postpone the said elections until the de-mining and resettlement process is completed.

They are seeking the Court to issue a stay order restraining them from taking any further steps in terms of the Local Authorities Ordinance including the conduct of the said elections scheduled to be held on 24 March.

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