The gold rush: Are we seeing the end of paper money?

  Published : 12:00 am  April 25, 2011  |  2,719 views  |  2 comments  |  Print This Post   |  E-mail to friend
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A gold rush of a different type
The headlines of wire services cried last week: “Gold is at its historical peak.” The event was that gold prices in the international markets had crossed the seemingly impossible peak of US$ 1,500 per fine ounce of the metal.


2 Responses to “The gold rush: Are we seeing the end of paper money?”

  1. Lalith Hettiarachchi on April 25th, 2011 3:14 pm

    A very informative article written in simple language for laymen to understand the global under currents behind the US Dollar versus other strong currencies. The existence of a strong case for the world leaders to get together and arrive at some consensus on the “return of the Gold Standard” is greatly appreciated. In the local context it explains at least partially how within the last couple of decades some units of currency have completely gone out of circulation as of no value as such replacing them with other units of currency with higher and higher values without which it could have been difficult to buy and sell.

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    [...] ‘The Gold Rush: are we seeing the end of paper money?’ in this series (available at: IMF is subject to attack by many During its 67 year existence as a global watchdog and fund [...]

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